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Written by Prajakta Nagore

What city is synonymous with art and culture? The city that is known to be the epicenter of all things culture and art is none other than Kolkata. The city is known for the many events that are always happening in the city. But, today we are not going to talk about just any events. We will be covering some of the many plays that are happening in the city. So, let’s get to it. Bhromor Koyio Giya The tale of this play revolves around two sets of couples and the equations they share. The main characters of the story include a cunning barber, Kochu, and his dim-witted wife. Then, there is a foolish farmer, Benu, and his neglected counterpart. The whole plot of the story is narrated by the courtesan who is also the conscience keeper and continues to weave his tale as the marital equations are on the verge of changing. Bhromor Koyio Giya is a tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat and you find yourself immersed in a play that is very different than anything you have seen. A must see for those who are fond of plays that lends them a perspective that is different than theirs.

Awddyo Shesh Rajani
The plot of the play revolves around Amiya, Mala and Rajani. Amiya is happily married to Mala, who is a teacher and is more than happy to let Amiya focus on his work. She also supports the house financially. They are in debt due to many of Amiya’s unsuccessful ventures. But, one fine day she comes across Amiya’s unfinished scripts, The Prostitute. She insists on finishing the script and he finishes it. Things take a turn when Amiya asks Rajani, a leading actress, to play the main role, which is of a prostitute, Lata.
Rajani’s husband Sasanka has other plans and he only wants her to work for high-paying projects.
If you are in the mood to watch something different than what you have previously witnessed than this is one play you should be looking forward to.

This particular play is based on Siddhartha, the prince of Kapilavastu, who renounced a materialistic life some 3000 years back for the search of the ultimate truth. The seeker through a long quest and conquest finally became the awakened one and came to be known as Buddha, the enlightened. The play is a look at all that Buddha endured and it asks you to look at the life we live and how we can live it better.

That’s some of the many awesome plays that will be taking place in the city of Kolkata. You should aim to explore more by visiting our website and you will find yourself in the midst of great plays happening all over the city.

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