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Gear up for Bengaluru Comedy Festival

Upcoming Bengaluru Comedy Festival
Written by Nikita Mehta

This November, expect to see a Bengaluru that you’ve never seen before. With five days full of haa haa’s and hee hee’s, you’ll see the city turn into comedy urban. More than fifty artists will unleash all the laughter and comedy they’ve got at the UB city amphitheatre. In spite of it being in its second season, the Bengaluru Comedy Festival remains one if it’s kind, especially in terms of confluence of artists and number of shows. With the who’s who of the nation’s comic scene expected to descend, the audiences are promised a laugh riot that they won’t forget in a long long time. (Or at least until the next edition of Bengaluru Comedy Festival is out!)

Scheduled from November 9th to 13th, 2016 at UB City, the comedy show will be spread across five days and will showcase fifty plus home-brewed and international artists. With two huge stages put up, if nothing else, at least the happiness index of the city is definitely going to rise! The festival is going to be on such a large scale that the audiences will be treated to not just comedy as a genre, but different types of comedy as well! Live stand-up comedy, improve comedy and musical comedy has got to be a treat unlike any other!

Each and every performer is a star in their own right. “Each one with their own talent and intelligence will ensure that the crowd has variety on their platter,“ says Sumendra Singh, who is the organiser. Daniel Fernandes will woo the crowd with his witty dialogues while Kenneth Sebastian who is known to blend music with comedy will steal the audiences’ hearts! Radhika Vaz, who is the unabashed queen of comedy will come as an icing on the cake! “It is an opportunity for Bengalureans to treat themselves to a bigger, better laugh,“ Singh says. This is exactly what makes the festival different from the other comedy festivals across the country.

Having got its social media game down pat, the Bengaluru Comedy Festival has managed to create a positive buzz. With over fifty thousand people expected to attend the event over five days, the popularity of this laugh riot is hardly questionable! Being one of the most awaited events in Bangalore, it is indisputably a well-planned affair. There will mainly be two different parts to the festival – the first will be the comedy shows that will be individually ticketed events and will take place mostly at UB City Arena. Apart from these, there will be the much-looked-forward-to after-party that will take place in the various clubs in UB City. The festival area is open to everyone and will be made even more interesting with comic installations, live podcast, fan jams, art installation as well as drinking and dining options.

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