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Written by Ankkit Siingh

So there are not many cities that would pop up in your mind when the words culture and art are used in the same sentence. But there is a really good chance that Kolkata is one of the cities that does come to mind. And there is good reason for this to happen. Kolkata is one of the oldest cities in the country and happens to have a thriving art culture. The city is always brimming with events that not only bring to you the best events but are also heavily influenced by the rich culture of the city.

Owing to that, in this article we take a look at the some of the many varied Plays that the city is playing host to.

‘Ashwatthama kader nartey kader marley. Duryodhan ke bachatey paroni Ki peley rokto jhoriye jhoriye?’ This is a question that probably everyone who has been affected by war has on their minds. Ashwatthama as a play is a modern interpretation of Mahabahrat by Manoj Mitra. The play showcases how the war leaders have always pushed their agenda using young minds as they are the ones who have the task of carrying out the acts of violence. In any power struggle, it is the innocents who end up suffering the most.

The play opens in a peculiar manner where the novelist in the middle of his latest piece. His partner is also his critic and with his partner he discusses the many themes of his stories like dreams, lifestyle, confusions and the many different conflicts in a relationship. In almost in all of his themes, his partner happens to have a different point of view on things.
The play is very different than anything that you have seen and will probably leave you both entertained and with a different perspective.

The play is an imaginative adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s ‘An Enemy of the People’. The adaptation is by Ujjwal Chattopadhyay and the story is based in the town Ajaypur. The plot revolves around the idea to build a huge bathing complex as it will be crucial to the town’s economy. In the midst of all this, Dr. Satyabati Sen discovers that the main source of water supply is contaminated. This leads to conflict between the chairman and Dr. Satyabati Sen. The chairman states that economic and financial support that the bathing complex will bring is more important than the contamination and repair works which will be expensive and time consuming. This conflict forms the basis of the story where morals and money are stacked against one another.
The above plays are are exciting and if you find them exciting you should book for them. But there is so much more that is happening and we’d like you to explore all! Just head to our website and you will find the many plays happening in the city of Kolkata.

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