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Written by Ankkit Siingh

If there was a questionnaire given to a certain amount of people asking what city comes to their mind when they think of a city that is synonymous with theatrical plays, a good bet would be the city of Kolkata. The city of Kolkata has a culture that is different from any other city in many regards. The city has its own take on films and plays, and it would be a gross understatement to say that they are great! They are phenomenal and has played a very important role in guiding the arts and culture movement in this country. Let’s go through the many plays that you can catch if you happen to be in the city of Kolkata!

Machhi The Flies, by Jean-Paul Sartre happens to be one of the primary examples of the best writing that we have on existentialism. He was the one of the most prominent existentialist writers of his time and his influence continues to inspire work in the genre today. The Flies is one of his more popular works. Existentialism was an intellectual movement that started to pick up steam during the early 20th century. His works were generally aimed at investigating the experiences that cannot be confined into the moral or scientific definitions of today. His works generally revolved around the existence and experience of an individual. Machhi will be a retelling of his work in a fashion that will cater to the audiences of today.

Natya-Sandha: Ek Sandhay Duti Natok Nabankur Natyam is a drama group. The group is made up of bunch of young talents who are trying to make a mark in the drama field. Nabankur Natyam’s latest is Natya-Sandhya. This will have two dramas that will be performed. The first one is ‘I’ which is both written and directed by Nabin Kumar Mahapatra. The story is about society in general. From the beginning to end, Maya and I are locked in a blame game concerning various social issues. Maya is under the impression that I is not a good person and I is the reason why society is turning bad.
The other drama is Buro Shaliker Ghare Ron penned by Madhusudan Dutta and is directed by Sudhangshu Bikash Saha.

Abayab The play is about a novelist whose partner is also his critic. While he is struggling with his newest effort, his partner comes up with a point of view which is different than his. The novelist then picks up a young, middle class, and unhappy man and his practical wife as the framework for his story. Things start to get weird when the man gets mirror characters to play his fictional characters from his story. The play is not only entertaining but is also a very compelling one at giving a different perspective to life.

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