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Motley’s Theatre – One of the Premier Theatre Groups in India!

Written by Mansi Gupta

Helmed by Naseeruddin Shah, Motley Theatre group needs no introduction to theatre aficionados in India and specially in Mumbai. Started in 1979 by two motleys, Naseeruddin Shah and Benjamin Gilani, the group now has a pretty large membership which includes theatre artists like Ratna Pathak Shah, Tom Alter and Kenny Desai. Motley’s uniqueness lies in the diverse range of plays that they present. From a modern classic, “Waiting for Godot” to masterpieces like “Zoo Story”, Comedies like “Arms and the Man” and “The Odd Couple” to Dramas like “Julius Caesar” and “Dear Liar” and Children’s plays like “Gaddha Aur Gadhha” to biographies, they have given us all. Motley has brought every possible genre of theatre to audiences across the length and breadth of India. With their ‘story-telling’ theatre, they have found their niche and is serving the purposes of both entertainment as well as education.


This weekend, Motley stages their two most popular plays in Mumbai.

1. Gaddha Aur Gadhha – This is one of the most popular plays in their ‘Story-telling on Stage’ series. It is a tribute to master satirist Krishan Chander, who is known for his short stories like “Hindi ka Naya Qaida” and ”Ek Gadhhe ki Aatmakatha”. Krishan Chander’s short stories have been highly popular amongst the Hindi readers of 1940’s. His stories generally highlight the plight of the common man in his struggle to survive. Naseerddin Shah has both directed and acted in this play. Other artists of the play include Danish Husain, Faisal Rashid, Aahana Kumra, Sahil Vaid, Anirudha Rawal, Dhruv Karla and Rakesh Chaturvad. This production is also an attempt to revive people’s interest in one of India’s first Urdu Satirists, Krishan Chander.


2. Dear Liar – Starring Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah, Dear Liar dramatises the romance between Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw and Mrs Patrick Campbell, a popular English stage actress of the 1900s. Written by American writer Jerome Kilty and directed by Satyadev Dubey, the play recreates the intriguing relationship between them over the years. The aspects of their relationship unfold through a reading of secret letters, exchanged by Shaw (Naseeruddin Shah) and Campbell (Ratna Pathak Shah) which reveals a volatile yet tender love affair.


Watch these amazing plays from Motley in your city!

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