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Written by Prajakta Nagore

If attending plays has been on your mind for quite some time and if by happenstance you are in the NCR region, then consider yourself lucky! The region has been at the epicenter of the best plays that are happening in the country. From plays that evoke a certain sentiment, to those that happen to incite laugh-riots, it is all there. All of this talking must have you wondering what exactly are the plays that we are talking about? Well, here is a list of plays that you can discover if you are in the National Capital Region of India.

Premchand ki Kathayein Premchand Ki Kathayein is not your ordinary run of the mill play. The play tells you not one but two tales that were penned by none other than Munshi Premchand. The first story is Kafan which revolves around Gheesu and Madho. They constantly live a life that is filled with miseries and yet they refuse to mend their ways. The other story, Poos Ki Raat is one of a kind story that will evoke empathy in you. The tale talks about a farmer who guards the land with all he has got instead of using it to sow seeds on.

Yoon Bani Mahabhart Yoon Bani Mahabharat is a comic play penned by Pratap Shaghl. This play tells us a story that is based on the making of a movie which happens to be based on the epic of Mahabharata. The three central characters of the movie are the writer, producer, and director, who happen to be deeply involved in the movie making process. They want to get the movie approved by the sensor board, but the board officials continue making many excuses and mark errors from the story as they deem fit which happens to be a byproduct of their greed.

Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai is a play that attempts to take you down memory lane and enables you to re-live and experience the nostalgic moments of your life yet again. The play is adapted from the works of Sharad Joshi’s Essays and Short stories. These essays are quite humorous and witty.

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