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Plays In Bengaluru Are Worth Yearning For!

Plays in Bengaluru
Written by Ankkit Siingh

Theaters are nothing less than magical. The magic that is created on stage is mesmerizing and somehow manages to pull your heartstrings like no other art form. The actors on stage come alive donning the role of different characters who might be in different circumstances but go through similar conundrums. Add to that the intimacy of the art form and you find yourself transfixed by the flow and delivery of it. The next logical question to follow is where can you find this magic. If we were to suggest one city, then it’d definitely be Bangalore. With all of that being said, let’s us take you through some of the Plays that you will find playing in the city of Bangalore.

Nammura Ramayan

Nammura Ramayana is one of those plays that is very different from anything that you have witnessed before. The play is a one of a kind Kannada conceptual satirical play. It is both written and directed by Srinidhi S. What makes the play really special is the showcasing of the contrast that is to be found in dark and light inside us and outside the society. The story commences with two mask traders who are visiting Ayodhyapura during the festival of ‘Sankranti’. The festival has a tradition of buying cruel-looking masks and throwing it in the fire. The story of the play revolves around this tradition. You will be witnessing a very different Ramayana.

Chuski Natak Ki – Binder

Chuski Natak Ki Binder Play In Bengaluru

Bookbinder Sakharam is under the assumption that he can play the system disregard the cultural and societal values as long as he continues being is truthful. The system that he continues to use to his advantage is the enslavement of women in post-colonial India. He shelters discarded women, cast-off wives, homeless and other women and uses them as servants and sex slaves.

Journey into Malgudi

Journey Into Malgudi Pay in Bengaluru

Malgudi is a place where you meet the mystical and the real. It’s not another town but a world in its own. A Journey Into Malgudi by Crea-Shakthi will result in beautiful stage adaptations and stories that will bring the memories of the famed Malgudi days back. Revisit R.K.Narayan’s world and watch it come to life on stage.

There you have it! The plays that will give you the most bang for your buck. The above-mentioned plays are not just entertaining but will lend you a perspective unlike any you have watched. So, we’d encourage you to book for the above plays and also explore much more happening in the city of Bangalore. Just head to our website to see what else is brewing.

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