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Muavje in pune
Written by Ankkit Siingh

Are you a play aficionado? In the past couple of years, the theatre has seen a sudden upheaval in terms of people who go for plays every week. And that is good news for all. As a medium of storytelling, the theatre has been around since the dawn of time. Second, only to writing, theatrical performances weren’t uncommon and they continue to attract masses even today. If you are in Pune, then you are in luck, as Pune will be hosting quite many plays in the coming days and we are more than excited to give you a sneak peak into the many authentic and moving plays that you can go for, provided you are in Pune.

Varhad Nighalaya Londanla

‘Varadh Nighalay Londonla’ is different than the many plays you might have witnessed before. The one-man play which is written by Dr. Lakshman Deshpande, takes you into the life of village family who is trying to accept a British woman as their daughter-in-law. The genre of the play is a comedy and has about 52 characters, all of them played by Sandeep Pathak.


The word ‘Danga’ has certain connotations attached to it while word ‘Muajve’ is exactly on the other end of the spectrum. The play goes into what the words really mean and the greed, the profit that gives them the foundation to go ahead and destroy lives. The story of the play takes place in a poor suburb where people look forward to riots. The play will challenge many of your existing beliefs and might help you see things in a different light.

Surakshit Antar Theva

How about a drama that takes place within a drama? Well, that is exactly what this play is about. The play is designed in a manner that makes it very much ‘Audience-Centric’. The play comments in a satirical manner on things like love marriage, arranged marriage and things like live-in relationships. The play is crafted in a very smart style where the spectators are not only spectators but they also form jury members, whose verdict will be of importance.

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