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Plays That You Will Find Irresistible In Kolkata

Bandish play in Kolkata
Written by Ankkit Siingh

Kolkata has to be the city that you can go to and you will find the finest plays playing at all time. Such is the nature of the city. With so much happening in the city at all times it only makes sense to explore the many amazing plays that are happening. So without further ado, let’s get to the many plays that are happening in the city of Kolkata.

Machhi Existential writing fans know the importance of Jean-Paul Sartre when it comes to existentialism. After all the man is among the foremost names in the existentialist genre. And as it happens, The Flies happen to be one of his best works. It went beyond the constraints laid out by the scientific and moral disciplines. This was about the existence and experience that an individual experience. The play Machhi takes a bold step at presenting the whole thing as a play.

Magan Rajar Pala Magan Rajar Pala explores the paradigm of positive people ending up with is one of those stories where the positive people end up doing things that are condemned by the society. The play explores this very paradigm where two thieves who happen to have the same motive, meet by accident. The two come from very different circumstances. Raja is quiet educated and yet ends up here, while Magan comes from a very poor background chooses the profession out of sheer necessity. Although they have quite different backgrounds and perspective, they find a common thread in their profession.

Bandish A play that revolves around the life of two singers, one is a nautanki singer, while the other excels in baithak. Both of them re-live their glory days. The days where they had to escape from king’s’ palaces, slapping British officers, being kidnapped by local zamindars and many more such incidents. As they traverse through nostalgia, you get a glimpse that’s part history but mostly life in general.

There is a certain something for everyone, and the above ones are just a gist of all that can be found in the city of Kolkata. Irrespective of when you happen to be in the city, Kolkata will always happen to have the best of the plays in the city.

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