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Prithvi Theatre – A Glimpse Of What’s Playing This Summer

Meri Maa Ke haath
Written by Ankkit Siingh

There are certain things that just refuse to fizzle down when it comes to quality. And the best example of this phenomenon would be the Plays playing in Prithvi. Prithvi theatre has been the epicenter and the epitome of the best plays to be found not only in the city of Mumbai but also the country as a whole. What is even more surprising is that although Prithvi Theatre has always been an aggregator for the many different plays happening in the city, it has a certain tendency to attract plays that not only challenge the norms of the present day but never fail to deliver what they promise, which is an experience like no other.

Let’s take a look at some of the many plays playing in the most beloved theatre of all.

Ekjute Theatre Group’s MERI MAA KE HAATH
This is a play that revolves around the life of Razia Sajjad Zaheer’s life. It tells the unusual true story of an everyday woman. A political worker, a social activist, and a great human being overall. Sajjad Zaheer was a professor in Lucknow University and also an eminent Urdu Writer. She led a deprived life yet was an exemplar of hope and optimism.

Ekjute Theatre Group’s FOOTNOTES OF LIFE (Haashiye Zindagi Ke)
There are times when even hundreds of words can fall short to truly describe a person’s life and then there are times when the right footnotes sum it up the best. These footnotes can be random events that involve personal relationships and they explain everything that needs to be explained. ”Footnotes of Life”, as the name implies, is based on the excerpts from life that go onto explain volumes about emotions that are unsaid and about the undercurrents that constantly drive our life.

Actors Cult Dhara Ki Kahani (Green Revolt) (Children’s Play)
This one is a musical story that revolves around a family where everyday household things plan to revolt against their misuse. Things like Water Tap, Bulb, Fan and Dustbin are tired of their apparent misuse and owing to that they stop coordinating with the family members. The tap of the house stops to give water, the bulb stops giving light, and the dustbin refuses to collect garbage and so on. The family starts to panic as they are unable to understand what is happening and the eldest member of the family decides to take charge.

These are some of the many plays that will be playing at Prithvi. We recommend that you visit our website and check the many plays happening at the venue as there a lot happening and there is something for everybody

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