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Pune Is Your Go To Destination For All Comedy Events

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Written by Ankkit Siingh

Comedy is a genre that is difficult to master, but when done right, there is nothing like it. And, with so much happening in the city of Pune you might be wondering what to attend, and we will say to that, all of them! Yes, they are all so good. In the past few years, Pune has evolved into a cultural hub that is filled with events happening all year round. And in that spirit we would dive deep into the world of comic events that are happening in the city of Pune.

Humorously Yours Tour – Vipul Goyal Live You are well aware of Vipul Goyal if you have been following the comedy circuit up close. The star of TVF’s popular and hit web series, Humorously Yours, is now coming with his jokes the city of Pune! If you have seen him online and found him funny, then his Live performance will have your ribs hurting due to excessive laughing. Ready for the Humorously Yours Tour?

Freakin Highlarious Presents Abhishek Upamanyu And Rahul Subramanian
Now how about a comedy show where you don’t have just one, but two 2 comics for you? And we are talking about the heavy-weights. And if that is the case it is going to be Freakin Highlarious, just as the name of the event suggests. At the show, you will have the very funny stand up comic Abhishek Upamanyu who will be bringing his hilarious content to you and he will be joined by Rahul Subramanian.

Punchliners: Stand Up Comedy Show feat. Sorabh Pant Do you ever feel a sense of frustration building up in you when you hear about everything that is happening around you? Well, if you do, then you are not alone. Sorabh Pant shares the sentiment and he has some insights, we mean rants, to share. You know what is great about Sorabh Pant ranting? For one it is really hilarious, and second it is more hilarious than you could imagine. When Pant takes to the stage to express his thoughts, you get thoughts sprinkled with rage and an enviably adequate comic timing. If you are wondering what’s going to be covered, then it is going to be everything that you can think of. Feminism, racism, fascism, Kapil Sharma, smartphones and what not. Ready for the hilarious rant ever?

Okay, this is funny and you would like to go ahead and book a ticket, which you should absolutely, over here. But, in case you are wondering if there are other events that are happening in the city of Pune, then let us tell you that there are.

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