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Punha Sahi Re Sahi, One Of The Longest Running Plays of Marathi Theatre Returns

Punha Sahi re Sahi Play
Written by Mansi Gupta

Written and directed by Kedar Shinde, Punah Sahi Re Sahi is the sequel of one of the most successful Marathi plays of all time, Sahi Re Sahi, featuring Marathi superstar Bharat Jadhav.

This Marathi natak which opened in 2002, went on to set a record of having the most number of shows in a calendar year when it was performed 565 times. In 2012, Kedar Shinde returned with its sequel, Punah Sahi Re Sahi.

Punah Sahi Re Sahi is a comedy drama that follows the story of an old industrialist, Madan Sukhatme (played brilliantly by Bharat Jadhav). One day Madan Sukhatme finds out about his wife’s (Meera) affair with his own PA. The wife accidentally hits Madan on his head and assumes that he is dead. The PA tries to dispose of his body. However, the huge box in which they keep the body falls down a hill (along with the truck). Assuming him dead, his lawyer comes up with three different wills and four different beneficiaries according to it. One was his long lost Uncle Anna, who took care of Madan in his childhood. Second beneficiary is his first wife and their daughter and the last one is his second wife Meera. All three of the parties want the entire property all to themselves, but the only problem is that there’s no signature of Madan on any of the documents. There are only 2 ways to come out of this, one, to distribute the property equally and second, if Madan Sukhatme comes and tells which is the final will. And then the Game Begins. To get their share of the property, all three parties get in touch with a Madan look-alike for their own personal gains. So three Madan lookalikes are introduced; Truck Driver Ranga, LIC agent Galgale and a mentally challenged man, Hari. The play takes an interesting yet funny turn when the real Madan Sukhatme also returns!

One of the most popular and loved Marathi Plays in Mumbai, Punah Sahi Re Sahi will be staged at Prabodhankar Thackeray Auditorium, Borivali (W) on 11th of March and in Acharya Atre Natya Rangmandir, Kalyan on 13th of March. If you are into Marathi theatre don’t miss this highly acclaimed gem of a play this weekend!

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