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This Summer Mumbai Will Be A Host To Many Plays

Amar Photo Studio in Pune events
Written by Ankkit Siingh

Mumbai has been known to be the cultural hub of the country. The city is filled with vibrant energy and is an entertainment hub. This not only makes Mumbai the city that you should be in if catching up on great plays is on your manifesto, but you should also make it a point to go through the huge catalog of plays that will be happening in the city of Mumbai in the coming days. The plays are many, but in this article today, we will cover some of the many plays that the city of Mumbai will be a host to.

Amar Photo Studio
The play revolves around the life of a young couple who find themselves intrigued by questions related to their past and get anxious about their future. Owing to this, they come to the conclusion that they should go their separate ways, but finally end up in Amar Photo Studio. The owner of the studio takes them on a trip to the past where they find themselves meeting many interesting characters and end up learning many life lessons from them. By the time they come back from the tour they conclude that they don’t want to separate and end up being together. The play dwells into the fears that people hold on to regarding the past and the future, and its futility.

Aadyam is an initiative by Aditya Birla Group with a clear aim of promoting ideas for a play, all it needs to do is develop it. The whole vision that drives Aadyam’s is a future that enables them to build a platform for the artists and enable them to exercise their creative independence to the best of their extent. The plays that you will find in Aadyam are not only very well put, but also enable the artists to give their best without having to worry about having a full house. Guards at the Taj will be one of those plays that will be conducted at Aadyam. The play takes you back to the past. Set in the year 1648 India, two Imperial Guards are discussing something and the sun rises on a newly built Taj. This not only changes their perspective but also leads to certain scenarios where they have to question their friendship.

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