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Summer Theatre Festival-Presenting the Best of Theatre World

William Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' play in Delhi
Written by Mansi Gupta

Summer Theatre Festival 2017 is about to begin this year from June 23rd at Shri Ram Centre of Performing Arts, Delhi. Every year, the festival brings the old classics and new dramas to the city for the theatre lovers to witness the best of this performing arts. This year as well, The Summer Theatre Festival features some great plays to be staged at Shri Ram Centre of Performing Arts from June 23rd to 30th . If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out the schedule of the festival, here we go, presenting the list of all the top plays featuring in this Theatre festival in Delhi this year.

1. William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ Directed by K. Madavane, it’s a brilliant adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Featuring many renowned faces of the theatre world, Hamlet tries to explore one of the most existential dilemmas of mankind, i.e. “To be or not to be”. The play is scheduled to be staged on June 23rd.

2. On a Muggy Night in Mumbai It’s a very popular and highly successful play by Mahesh Dattani, which deals with a very bold topic, homosexuality, in all its colours. On a Muggy Night in Mumbai is a story of 5 homosexual individuals who are brought together in such a way as to bring out their conflicts, repressions and past secrets. The play confronts the politics of homosexuality. It is scheduled to be staged on June 24th

. 3. Mahasweta Devi’s ‘Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Ma’ Helmed by Sameep Singh, it’s an emotional drama set up in 1970’s Bengal. It traces the story of a mother who comes to know about his son’s struggle and revolutionary mentality that empowers her to stand up for her personal conflict against her husband and family. The play will be staged on June 26th.

4. Girsh Karnad’s ‘Agni Aur Barkha’ Directed by K.S. Rajendra, this upcoming Hindi play is the adaptation of Girish Karnad’s celebrated Kannada play which tells us the devious forms that human ambition can take. It’s a tale of ambition, revenge, politics of power and caste. Catch this great play on June 28th
at Shri Ram Centre.

5. Atul Satya Koushik’s ‘Kaali Shalwar’ Replete with folk music and poetry, Atul Satya Koushik’s ‘Kaali Shalwar’ is a play full of wit, dark and humor which reveals human desires and insecurities. It’s a story of a prostitute, who breaks the ethics of the oldest profession of the world for a mere dress to wear on the occasion of Muharram. This wonderful play is staging at Shri Ram Centre in June 29th

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