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Theatre Plays in Delhi: 7 Steps Around Fire, Dearest Baapu

Written by Prajakta Nagore

The Great Indian Theatre Festival brings in some of the great plays for the Indian play lovers. Every year some plays are featured at the theatre, which is related to Indian history and relationships in Indian society. This year, on 22nd February, the Indian Theatre Festival brings in two interesting plays, one from history and another from the relationship in the society. The two famous theatre plays featured this year are Dearest Bapu and Seven Steps Around the Fire.

Dearest Bapu

The story of Dearest Bapu revolves around Gandhiji and Kasturba. The play starts from Quit India Movement when Gandhiji gets arrested and sent to a palace in Pune. Kasturba is also arrested and was sent to Arthur Road Jail in Bombay. Soon due to her health, she is sent in the same jail as Gandhi. Later she passes away. After her death, Katurba’s soul writes many letters to Gandhi. Soon the to and fro of letters develop into 60 years of relationship. Different aspects of society like politics, marriage, family, children, and companionship are brought through letters.

Dearest Bapu, Love Kasturba


Zeenat Aman will portray the character of Kasturba, and Gandhi will be played by Arif Zakaria. The director and writer of the play is Saif Hyder Hasan.

7 Steps Around the Fire

Another play is 7 Steps Around the Fire. The play revolves around the truth behind the murder of Kamala by Uma Rao. Uma Rao is a detective who will uncover the real motive behind Kamala’s murder. The play will break the superstition of society. It will also raise questions on the powerful and influential people in society. 

7 Steps Around The Fire (Hindi)-Sukhmanch Festival


The cast of 7 Steps Around the Fire has various artists like Shilpi Marwaha and others. Mahesh Dattani has written this play.

So be sure to watch this play with your friends & family on 22nd February at Shri Ram Centre, Delhi.


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