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Theatre Shine Celebrates Its 7th Foundation Day This Weekend

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Written by Mansi Gupta

For theatre lovers in Kolkata, Theatre Shine doesn’t need an introduction! One of the pioneers of theatre culture in the city, Theatre Shine is celebrating its 7 th foundation day this Saturday at College Square. Founded in 2010, the group has given us many memorable Bengali plays in these seven years. Some of their most popular plays which the audiences can never forget are Nightmare, Murtimaan, Tomar Dake, Organic Theatre, Jibito O Mrito, Ekhuno Rajarshi and Manab Boma.

On the eve if their seventh foundation day, the group is staging their new play, Nothing To Say, at University Institute Hall of Kolkata on April 1st . Nothing To Say is one of the much-awaited Upcoming plays in Kolkata. And coming from a group like Theatre Shine, the play has already generated a lot of buzz around itself. Starring Aniruddha Biswas (best known for the role as Thespo: Theatre Shine’s Tomar Dake) and Nirjhar Das, Nothing to Say is a drama play which revolves around love, relationships and friendship. Very beautifully, the play shows how a relationship gradually evolves, full of love and friendship and suddenly when it breaks, it affects the whole atmosphere and takes a long to get recovered.

Nothing To Say is the story of a married couple who is living in a common house under a common roof and are physically but not mentally together. They have a child who is observing their life. The couple is moving towards separation and the child is getting affected by it but can’t do anything. It ends with their separation. The separation in the play is symbolized by the partition of India. Very artistically, the play focuses the political and social issues, using day to day Physical Objects and mime movements as visual dialogues. It also has a sub plot about the division of India and Pakistan, which is going on throughout the play in the backdrop. How the common people who did not know the political agendas were deprived from their rout and love forms an important part of this beautiful drama.

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