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Written by Archit Chawla

Plays and Theatres play a quintessential role in our lives. If you loved listening to bedtime stories from your grandma when you were a child, we are sure you can’t get over the excellent stories and characters even now! So for you to have a great weekend and have an amazing time with your loved ones, we have compiled a list of top plays in Mumbai which will leave your mind blown and nostalgic. You might have some moments of your own, laugh a little harder and go on a introspection trips after visiting these best venues in Mumbai. So stop all the other plans and visit our Plays section on BookMyShow and get your passes done!

Six Characters in search of an Author
Before you start reading, let us tell you this play in Mumbai is an event never experienced before. The play, Six Characters in search of an Author, explores the hinge between art and reality when a theatre troupe is rudely interrupted by the very characters of the text that they are rehearsing. Pirandello’s classic work explores the very notion of truth as both the actors and characters confront the emotional arc of what it really means to ‘live’ on the stage, even if only for a moment.
Date: 05- 07 May, 2017
Venue: The Jeff Goldberg Studio: Mumbai,

Ananda Hindi Natya Utsav – Traffic
The Ananda Hindi Natya Utsav presents a selection of Hindi plays covering a spectrum of genres and generations. It’s not about the place we live in, but about the people we live with. The blend of the system of our society and the people around force us to keep quiet and walk upon any situation without opening our mouths. Even if someone does take a stand, somebody finds a way to stall them. The play is about how the common public gets stuck in society’s traffic, even if they don’t want to.
Date: 06 May, 2017
Venue: Dance Theatre Godrej: NCPA,

Queenmaker is the story of a man named Mihir Deshpande who is driven by power, success and money in the field of Corporate Management. The story is about how he forces his ideologies on the women in his life. Subsequently, the tables turn and the story is a swirl of drama and full of conflict that results in an unconventional ending. To witness this thrilling story, watch Queenmaker, a Marathi play written by Ravi Bhagwate, produced by Joy Kalamanch and directed by veteran director, Rajan Tamhane.
Date: 10 May, 2017
Venue: Vishnudas Bhave Natyagruha: Vashi

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