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Benafsha Soonawalla Out Of Bigg Boss 11 House

Bigg Boss 11
Written by Nikita Mehta

As soon as Benafsha was out, she tweeted – ‘Karara jawab milega…truth will be out soon.’

Needless to mention, this dramatic Tweet can only be from a scorned person, evicted out of the controversial Bigg Boss house! Ever since Bigg Boss 11 was announced, the show, just like all its preceding seasons, has been riddled by squabbles galore. Benafsha Soonawalla was especially in the news because she was the youngest contestant on the show and always managed to grab eyeballs for being inactive; something that a Big Boss contestant is absolutely not supposed to be!

Benafsha SoonawallaSource – Times of India

As soon as Benafsha decided to get into action and the limelight, we all saw her lying down next to Priyank, yet another Big Boss inhabitant, apparently for some solace and emotional support. Looks like any limelight was good limelight for her! We then suddenly saw the reclusive Soonawalla doing things she never did in the first few weeks of her stay. Salman Khan’s words seemed to have made their impact. She even went on to scorch the small screen in a bikini clad appearance, one day before her eviction.

Just when things were looking up for this MTV VJ, she got into an aggressive brawl with Akash Dadlani. As tempers flared, the situation got out of hand and Benafsha, in a fit of rage, pulled Akash’s hair. Unfortunately for her, this led her to breaching the show’s rules. The show strictly forbids any contestant(s) from getting physical with the another. This ultimately led to her exit nomination and the eviction.

Benafsha Soonawalla Bikini

Soonawalla herself accepts that this was a huge mistake on her part. “I shouldn’t have pulled Akash’s hair because it led to my ouster. I had to pay a heavy price, I was nominated and as a result now I have to leave. I should have also taken care of what I was speaking, that no filter attitude of mine proved costly.”

This being said, Soonawalla also mentioned that she is positive of doing a better job if she gets an opportunity to return to the Bigg Boss house. “I could have done so much more. If I get a chance to go back again like Priyank, I will let karma take over”, she concludes.

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