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Bigg Boss 11: Who Will be the Top 4 Finalists?

Bigg Boss 11
Written by Varsha Pillai
Straying from the usual Top Five, the 11th season of Bigg Boss will witness a mid-week eviction. Last week, Luv Tyagi was evicted from the show leaving behind Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani.

The race to seize the trophy would be run by four finalists post the mid-week eviction. And as the tradition goes, one of the four contestants would be allowed to exit the show by taking a certain sum of money. Another important deviation was that the contestants did not have to plan around who should be nominated as Bigg Boss himself took up that task.

Hina and Shilpa have always managed to be in the nominated contestants list, and with Puneesh and Vikas keeping it low, the person who seems to be in danger is Akash. It looks like his brashness might work in favour of the other four contestants.

Bigg Boss 11 Fight

A major deciding factor was the press conference where the contestants had to interact with journalists. The journalists quizzed the contestants about a plethora of issues ranging from Hina’s memory problems and Shilpa being a non-performer, to Vikas losing his charm to Shilpa.

Apart from the media interactions, another highlight was the fight between Hina and Shilpa. The reason behind this fight was the fact that despite Hina denying food, Shilpa cooked food for Hina. While Shilpa was furious over how thankless everyone in the house was towards her kind gesture, Hina retorted back stating how she puts others down citing her work duties. Vikas sided with Hina while Puneesh sided with Shilpa. Akash interfered in the squabble and began to blame Shilpa for being so self-centered.

Bigg Boss 11 Top 5

While the finale is slated to happen on January 14th , chances are that Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor would be a part of it to promote their upcoming release Padman.

The pertinent question on everybody’s minds is who would make it to the Top 4 and of course the bigger question looming around in our head is who will win the 11th season of Bigg Boss.

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