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Breathe Has Got Me A Different Level Of Recognition And Reverence – R. Madhavan

R Madhavan
Written by Heer Pamnani

Actor Madhavan has taken the less travelled path with his new web series ‘Breathe’, currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. He is amazed at the thunderous response beating the likes of his biggest Film hits.

His natural performance in films like 3 Idiots, Rehna hai tere dil mein and the beautifully crafted ‘Saala Khadoos’ is commendable. The actor has consistently delivered quality films.

With regard to his latest web show ‘Breathe’, he says:

“For Breathe, the team of writers did a lot of research to get things right and accurate. They need a pat on the back; they need a fat pay cheque. The glory of the fact is that it has done well. But there is a fear as well, as it always happens after success. Now, if we put out something that is equally smart in the next six months. We need to match up to the first part and it is going to be tough. And if we fall short, the audience will not spare us”

Madhavan vouches for the reach and impact of the digital medium and thinks the mediums of TV and Films will need to up their content to keep pace.

Further adding to the response he has received for ‘Breathe’:

“The kind of response I have been getting from social media and my friends for ‘Breathe’ is manifold even as compared to the biggest hit films of my career. It has got me a different level of recognition and reverence; I have never experienced something like this before.”

We are glad actors are taking unconventional modes to present powerful stories.

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