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Here’s What Happened in Week 1 of Bigg Boss 10

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Written by Mansi Gupta

The controversial show of Colors, Bigg Boss season 10 opened last week and we already have a lot of stuff to talk about for the rest of the week! Controversy is nothing new to this reality show and the first week itself gave us few. If you didn’t get time to follow the show last week, fret not! Coz we have got you covered. Let’s take you through the highlights of week one:

Day 1 – It’s just day one and the contestants (Indiawaale Commoners and Celebrities) were seen fighting with each other. The first fight happened between Celeb VJ Baani and Indiawaale Priyanka Jaaga. And amidst all this, Bigg Boss announced Indiawaale as the Maalik of the house and celebrities, the Sevaks. As the rule of the house, the first day is the day of nomination and the contestants who are nominated for the first week are: Priyanka Jaaga, Gaurav Chopra, Manveer Gurjar and Monalisa.

Day 2 – The inmates wakes up to the song “Gupt Gupt” and Bigg Boss gave a chance to celebs to become the Maalik of the house by winning the task of guessing the secrets of Indiawaale. The commoners, especially Priyanka Jaaga takes upon herself to “bajao” the sevaks and again we witness some catfight between Priyanka and VJ Bani. Meanwhile, the celebs get their first clue and Gaurav Chopra found out the woman in the commoner who suffered in her marriage is none other than Akansha Sharma. One point to Celebs!

Day 3 – The day belongs to Baba Om ji. Baba takes his role of Maalik quite seriously and rings the “Hukum the Ghanti” in the middle of the night. He wants food and the sevaks have no choice but to cook for him in the odd hours. They do abuse him and the things get dirty when Swamiji comes to know that he is being called “Nymphomaniac”. Baba manages to hog the limelight for the entire day.

Day 4 – It is Karwa Chauth and one Bigg Boss 10 contestant, Karan Mehra observes fast for his wife. Priyanka Jaaga again picks a fight, but this time it is with Lopa. Big Boss gave three riddles to celebs but they answered all of them wrong. Celebrities lose the game and they still remain at the position of Sevak.

Day 5 – This day belongs to Priyanka Jagga for a very weird reason. To win a task she pees in her pants. Gutso! After all, this is Bigg Boss ka ghar and anything and everything can happen here.

On Saturday, Salman Khan opens the Weekend ka Vaar and as expected, Priyanka Jaaga was the first inmate to be evicted from the house. That’s it from Week one. Over to week 2! For latest updates on Bigg Boss 10,

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