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‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ Featured Baba Ramdev

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Written by Archit Chawla

Baba Ramdev is a man with a large appetite for humor. He is known for his bold and funny comments when it comes to the country and all the big personalities. He surely does know how to stay in news at the least and that’s what makes him an interesting person. This Sunday, ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ invited Baba Ramdev over for an hour full of laughter. Kapil Sharma was his usual self and Baba stole the show with his antics, double meaning statements and amusing laughter. He also revealed that he had been doing yoga since he was nine years old, and also he comes from a real humble background.

He has been the kind of a man who really knows how to flaunt his skills and he leaves no stone unturned in order to showcase his unmatchable Yoga skills. He also taught some moves to Kapil and our very own laughing Buddha in the Show Navjot Singh Sidhu. Sunil Grover acted as another catalyst in the show when he dressed up as a Sunflower and later on played his much-loved role of Dr. Mashoor Gulati. His banter with Baba Ramdev and Kapil was no less than hilarious. He knows when to hit his punches and like Kapil, his timing has become absolutely perfect.

Kapil Sharma was living his just another day in his own avatar and asked Baba Ramdev about his marriage and various other encounters with women. He also mocked Baba with the brand Patanjali and showed him some upcoming products like a cactus sofa, to which he replied it’s for Nawaz Sharif. Later on, Baba revealed that whatever money he makes with Patanjali goes for the charity and is meant for those who really need it. Baba Ramdev has been known for his political image and public opinion for quite some time now. Kapil asked Baba Ramdev how to remove corruption from the society to which he replied: “We have to inculcate religious values in people and make sure law is equally enforced on all”.

At the end of the show, Baba Ramdev presented Patanjali hampers to all members of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Kapil thanked him for coming on the show and teaching and sharing useful asanas and their benefits with everyone. It is Kapil Sharma’s casualness and the terms he keeps with the big celebs of B-Town attracts audiences and makes them sit glued to their television sets. The previous episode starred our very own Shah Rukh Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui who had come for their upcoming release Raees.

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