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Looks like Jon Snow is Alive

Jon Snow Game of Thrones Review
Written by Nikita Mehta

Well well, if you are a Game of Thrones fan you have definitely seen the new trailer for the season 6 which is out now. Yeah, Jon Snow is alive or maybe we are just made to think he is! A lot of stories are doing the rounds, and sometimes it is so difficult to keep up with them, isn’t it?

Jon Snow aside, there are a lot of surprising entries we can expect to see this season: Bran & Hodor are returning in a much fleshier role than in season 5, The Hound has been rumoured to make an appearance, Brynden Tully will return for a comparatively fun storyline & of course there are more surprises which we call speculations!

Considering we do not know if any bit of the above is true or false, won’t it be interesting if we were given an opportunity to draft out the season 6 on our own? Imagine if you could decide if Jon Snow is alive or dead? Imagine if you could decide the fate of your favorite character. What if you were the string puller of this play called Game of Thrones and you could make the characters ploy according to your whims & fancies. Wow, that sounds like drama, fun, crazy-head-ness & a lot of imagination all together!

What if we tell you that you now have this opportunity? Cuckoo Club by The Hive in Bandra, Mumbai, are coming up with an interactive session called GOT Popcorn where the script for the season 6 is not in place! You will create an entirely new kingdom with your own characters and write the entire screenplay with the director of this season who apparently has no clue how to write it. More than anything else, the destinies of your favorite GOT personality now rests in your hand. What could be better?

So go ahead and create the popular drama just like how you’d like it! It is a drama event inspired by the audience and absolutely on-the-spot whack.

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