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Sunil Grover Live: A laughter riot away from TV Screens

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Written by Archit Chawla

It is time to ponder now, Why is the Indian comedy scene so different? Is it that we are not a humor-loving nation or is it that there has been no good comedy to tickle our bones? We have so much of potential in our country but why do we have to switch to shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory when we have to have a good time. It is now a given thing that comedy has never worked in the country before. It gets stale after a point of time and the jokes are repetitive, also people can’t take jokes on themselves if someone targets them and makes efforts to go out of the box. It is the time where shoemakers make what appeals to the masses, and this is a situation that is reflected in the Indian film industry, all emotional stuff.

As there is not much scope for ‘thinking comedy’ to succeed in the nation, very few producers are willing to take the risk. And, given that, there are fewer writers or actors who want to make comedy shows. Sunil Grover is one such man. No matter how famous Kapil Sharma is now but there is a large set of audience who watches his ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ for Sunil Grover! You won’t believe us but it’s a visual treat to watch this man taking up everybody else’s case and how. Making people laugh isn’t easy at all but this guy does it so effortlessly even when he is just standing in a frame and doing nothing. If you haven’t watched this guy getting into the thick sleeves of unparalleled humor, this live comedy event will be a golden chance to experience his hilarity at its peak.

Most plots suffer from a weak structure and a lackluster script here in the other shows or with the other artists and therefore, it is equally important to be the comic person and make people laugh at you and your dialogue delivery sometimes. For some slipping on a banana peel is the idea of humor, but with Sunil Grover and the characters he essays of Gutthi and Dr. Mashoor Gulati, your idea of comedy will definitely take a U-Turn. Usually the characters other portray is an extension of their own personality but in Sunil Grover’s case they are like heaven and hell, just poles apart.

No matter which character he is playing, where his stage is, he ensures his audience remains glued to the act and going crazy, with some quality entertainment and an endless dose of giggles! Sunil Grover is back in this comedy show live in Kolkata on this 25th February 2017. Yes indeed, he is an artist who will make your experience worth with his crude one-liners and wit and leave you all ticklish and how!

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