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Two Women. One Steamy Lip-lock

Maaya 2
Written by Nikita Mehta

Vikram Bhatt is known to do things which grab headlines. For his work, any publicity is good publicity and the man keeps up with the trend in his latest project. The first season of his web series Maaya grabbed eyeballs in 2017. In a country where sex sells each and every time, Bhatt’s this series was BDSM through his eyes. How could it not be talked about, right?

Recently, Maaya 2’s poster was released. Kumkum Bhagya actress Leena Jumani and Priyal Gor will be seen on the show. What however set the social media on fire was the sensuous, seamy lip-lock that the protagonists share in the trailer. Yes, Leena Jumani and Priyal Gor have kissed on screen!

Even in today's modern world the barrier between us and the LGBTQ community is not completely broken! We still sometimes feel awkward around them, but that's how humans are, you feel weird when you can't completely understand someone or something! Be as it is, I have lived and loved each and every moment shooting as my character in my upcoming web series Maaya2! Playing Ruhi's role has taught me a great deal about love and that nothing is more important than love irrespective of the caste, creed or gender and also that 'Pyaar Pyaar hota hai!' The world will say what it does and people will judge like they do, but I as a human send all my love and compassion to everyone belonging to the LGBTQ community for accepting themselves and coming out as it takes a lot of courage to do so! Maaya 2 releasing on 30th may! @vbontheweb_ @officialjiocinema @vikrampbhatt @krishnavbhatt @arjunkrishna2

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Maaya 2 is about Simmi and Ruhi, two lesbian girls who are out to discover love, acceptance and a desire to be who they truly are. While Simmi is a woman engaged to a man hiding her truth, Ruhi is far more liberal. As the two meet, they set the screen on fire!

What remains to be seen is if Maaya 2, which releases on 30 th May, is really interesting or is it just another series which relied on sex to sell. Let’s wait and watch!

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