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10 Accurate, Best Movie Predictions

Written by Pooja

Life inspires art and art inspires life, in turn. Movies like I Am Legend, Geostorm and Mad Max Fury Road shed light on the bleak dystopian future. However, a few films predicted scientific developments that we see today. Today we bring to you 10 innovations that materialized after they were predicted in movies way before time. These movie predictions came true and you’d be surprised how acccurate they were.

Released in 1968, 2001: A Space Odyssey depicted a Siri-like computerized voice assistant, which is not a rare sight today.

The 1995 release – The Net – where the protagonist is a computer programmer showed the lead character order pizza off of the Internet. While ordering food online seemed far-fetched at the time, this is one of the most natural thing to do today.

When Total Recall released in 2012, driverless cars were a distant reality. Today, there are more driverless cars on the road than ever.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture showed one of the characters using a Bluetooth device plugged in their ear in the year 1979.

The film Metropolis released in 1927 and depicted androids then. This is more common a sight today than you’d think.

The 1990 release Dick Tracy showed the usage of a smartwatch. While they didn’t really exist at the time, they are a common sight today.

True to its name, the Back to the Future series has predicted some inventions but in Part II, they depicted a conversation on screen, much like Skype.

Recently, the scientists claimed that they were able to erase the memories of a snail. Erasing human memories might still be far away but we are getting there, as predicted in the 2004 release Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

This 1956 release, Forbidden Planet, predicted that the humankind will invent mobile phones and we are way past that now. We now carry small computers in our pockets.

3D printing is a relatively newer invention but it was already predicted in the 1985 film Weird Science.

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