Actors Who Are Creepy No Matter Who They Play

Acting is one of the very few professions where people would have to impersonate someone by putting themselves through the lives of those people. It requires elasticity, flexibility and an alterable personality. Some of the actors are so good at what they do; they don’t even require a second reading of the script. However, no matter what role they choose to take up, some actors are always creepy in a way that gives us goosebumps. 

From Theatre to Netflix, from a prominent actor’s understudy to a renowned actor, a director, a producer and a painter, from 1960 to this date, the glorious ascent of Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins’ professional life is very widespread and well known. Although he had won an Oscar and dozens of other awards, there are some peculiar shots in some of his movies that have created their place in our minds. His performance as Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs, the scene where although he is behind bars the conversation and the delivery makes us confused who was behind bars, is still, to this day, one of the best scenes in acting history. His role as Robert Ford in the American Sci-Fi television series Westworld, the genius evil behind the director, is breathtaking even at such age. 

Many of us can still remember Lester Burnham, his midlife crisis and his sexual infatuation with his daughter’s cheerleader buddy Angela, in the film American Beauty.  Playing such roles is presumably only possible for Unconventional actors like Kevin Spacey as he could extend his boundaries to whichever point the character demands. Remember the scene in David Fincher’s psychological thriller se7en where Kevin as John doe, confesses his crime? Anybody’s hair would stand out at how calmly dark and evil Kevin acted during this scene.

Whether it’s a satirical comedy or evil portrayals of antagonists and psychopaths, whether it’s romance or humour, Jack Nicholson has created an icon of himself, proving his worth time and again for more than sixty years in the industry. He was an actor and a filmmaker who won the academy award twice and more such awards. He was largely popular for his role in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as a person with a mental health condition after serving a short sentence. His role as Melvin in As Good As It Gets depicts how Jack can just fit into any type of character irrespective of the age, genre or any such specification.

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How can any kid forget the evil, malicious and the insanely cunning Bellatrix? While harry potter crossed almost many milestones, Helena was part of the villain’s crew and acting like that showing an utterly damaged psyche and a vengeful vibe around her, Helena was a very creepy villain in almost every kid’s adolescence. When she was Marla in Fight Club beside Edward Norton holding his hands as the explosions occur, the audience is to experience a definitive shrill inside their heads. The way she carries herself on the camera completely originally without any hint of faking it is what sometimes makes her creepy, and the actress seemingly appears to embrace the originality within her. If you Imagine the scene where she enters a cancer aid group smoking a cigarette and asking if it’s the cancer group, you can surely remember the chills you got watching one of the best introductions of actors/actresses.

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