The Coolest fictional objects you want to own.

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Our imagination transcends the boundaries of all the plausible, logical explanation explained by the laws of the world to take us on a journey on a  genuinely magical world. The objects and the scenarios, although fictional, become fascinating and intriguing to our curious brains. In pop culture, there have been many objects which have captured the imagination of many which, although fictional, are amazing, giving everyone a desire to own some. Some of these beautiful objects are as follows

Cloak of Invisibility

Anyone familiar with the Harry Potter series by the world-renowned author JK Rowling is no stranger to this fantastic and lovely object. As the name suggests, the cloak of invisibility was a gift passed on to Harry, which when draped upon the user, would make him or her invisible. The number of pranks that one can play if the cloak was a reality would be a phenomenon, but if someone uncovers you (literally) then be prepared for the consequences too!

Aladdin’s lamp

The magical lamp from the Aladdin series was indeed both a blessing and a curse. If the genie existed for real, then be prepared to mouth your wishes correctly, for the genie is a nasty trickster and will not hesitate to turn your desires against you!

Pro tip: Ask for unlimited requests in the last hope, and make any dream come true!

 Sonic Screwdriver

Every Doctor Who fan ever yearns for this amazingly useful object. The Doctor’s faithful companion in his every expedition, the sonic screwdriver can solve any problem of any dimension, era or even galaxy and saves the Doctor from any sticky situation he puts himself. Talk about a multi-utility device!

Wonder woman’s lasso

The amazing fighter of peace and justice, the Amazonian princess Diana, known as Wonder Woman from the DC comics and movies, carries with her the lasso of truth; a rope which bound around anyone can force them to spit the truth. Very practical for the time when you want to find out who ate the last slice of pizza!!

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