Get Ready To Party With Elrow Mumbai – Sambowdromo Do Brasil

Unlike concerts and festivals that have only been around for a few years or decades at most, what sets Elrow apart is that its history goes back three centuries all the way to the 1800s. How many can match that origin story? Their story begins with a man named Jose Satorres who came from a farming family in Fraga in Spain but became enchanted with the cabarets and social life and opened up his own Café which evolved into a large and thriving social club. Although it was closed down after his death, Café Josepet was eventually reopened as Bar Victoria. Bar Victoria went on to be even more successful and expanded into putting on popular variety shows and became one of the first complete entertainment centers in Spain. From there, the craze for it only grew.

The musical trends continued through the years – gone were the live orchestras, now there were DJs spinning records, there was disco, rock music, and then the raves. But it was only 2008 that the Elrow we know began. In the midst of popularity of all the late-night clubs, Row 14 opened near the Barcelona airport. With morning and evening sessions that slowly grew in popularity, they eventually went to Ibiza where The Row, or rather, ‘Elrow’, became the heart of the party scene. The Elrow Tour traveled all around the world and made stops at major festivals in Europe. In the past few years, Elrow has become a global phenomenon with its legendary parties.

In 2018, Elrow did over 130 shows in 33 countries and had over 2 million attendees across their shows, with 74 of their shows sold out. Some of the major festivals they were at are Electrobeach in France, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in the UK, OFFSónar – Poble Espanyol in Spain, Sonic Mania Festival in Japan, and Street Parade in Switzerland. Just in the first two months of 2019, they have had over 25,000 attendees in the various shows. They had shows during Christmas and New Year so the celebrations were even crazier. All their parties revolve around a central theme and they turn it up in a way that sets them apart from any other party you might have attended.

Elrow has many shows throughout the year across different countries, and now it is going to make its debut in India. Elrow’s first India show will be in Mumbai on 16th March at MMRDA Grounds. Presented by BookMyShow,  Elrow Mumbai – Sambowdromo Do Brasil is going to be an eight-hour-long party. So, if you are Mumbai this March and are looking for the ultimate party, you know where to go. There are only limited passes available, so if you’re interested, make sure to book for Elrow right away.

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