portfolio01.jpgWho comes to mind when you think of a ‘Superhero’? Superman with the knack to fly faster than the speed of sound and move mountains without oozing a drop of sweat or someone flawless who can quite easily rescue you from every dilemma of life. Stop! Don’t walk off too far with your imagination.

Directed by debutant Kireet Khurana, Toonpur Ka ‘Superhero’- Aditya Kumar (Ajay Devgn), married to his childhood sweetheart Priya (Kajol), is a megastar of Bollywood with millions of fan followers. His only regret is not being able to spend quality time with his children – Kabeer (Amey Pandya) and Raima (Chinky Jaiswal). One fine day on failing to make it to his son’s Sports Day, he is disheartened to see Kabeer accusing him of being a ‘fake hero’ who gets his stuntmen to perform all the dare devil and heroic acts.

toonpur-ka-superhero_movie-stills_01.jpgIn another part of the world is a little toony town called ‘Toonpur’, the land of his children’s favourite cartoons whose residents are the Devtoons (the good guys) and the Toonasurs (the so-called bad guys). A bunch of hooligans led by Jagaaro have kept the ‘Toonpur Ka Maharaja’ in their custody and are tormenting the Devtoons gang led by erudite Gyaadev, a cool Parsi scientist. The other Devtoons are Beegben – a Gujju expert at making dhoklas, Pandu – the cop, Bappi ka duplicate ‘Guppy’ – a crazy musician, Lappy – a geeky South Indian, Loveena – a sexy Goan chic and the cutest of all, Bolly – a Bollywood buff who thinks Aditya is the only hero who can rescue them from Toonasurs and bring back peace and joy to Toonpur.

Listening to Bolly’s advice, the Devtoons plan to kidnap Aditya and this seems like the perfect opportunity knocking on his door. Now the ‘reel’ hero heads towards proving he’s a ‘real hero’ in the eyes of his children.

Though the animated characters are created well, the dialogues assigned to each character are very cliché. Apart from a few witty lines, the dialogues are quite predictable and monotonous. There’s nothing exceptional about a South Indian throwing the ‘Aiyayo’ accent or Pandu, a cop, flaunting his Marathi intonation. You cannot easily relate to any character in the film. The characters are all too artificial and over-the-top – in language, in accent and in acting. Mubeen Farooqi should have experimented with the discourse to give each character a real feel.

The innovative bit of the film is the Gaming concept. Eventually when Aditya ends up confronting Jagaroo, he challenges Aditya to play a three level game to rescue his family. The final combat of the game is packed with action and adventure which succeeds in keeping the kids hooked for a while.

toonpur-ka-superhero-bollywood-movie-stills-498.jpgThe music is composed by Anu Malik who hasn’t been visible on the Bollywood music scene since quite long. The start of the song ‘Let’s Go to Toonpur’ is a little catchy however its lyrics fail to bring out the humor as intended by Kumaar. Nach Mere Naal is another dance number written by Kumaar which has Master Salim, Mumzy, Alisha and a team of kids behind the mike. Rubdoot is a track with a dash of mimicry by artiste Sudesh Bhosle. To wrap it up, one can say that there is no such exceptional track which can be a part of your ‘Favourites’ playlist.

Kireet Khurana deserves loads of applause for the action-animation as well as the technicalities of the film. But as promised, the 3D animation film doesn’t deliver much fun. Though Khurana and Raagi Bhatnagar have done a good job with the storyline, weak direction is what makes the film seem quite bizarre. As a watcher, the film clearly fails to grasp your attention for long. Though Kajol didn’t have a noteworthy role to play, she was pretty much within the character of Priya while Devgan could have struggled a little more.

Due to lack of wittiness in the film, it doesn’t make a great watch for the kids this Christmas. If not humor, the movie could at least be interspersed with some morals and value building themes for kids to enjoy. Moreover, the kids could have contributed to a greater extent, but their talent remains unutilized.

Our experience says: Munching popcorn and sipping coke can be your only pass time as you set off on your journey through Toonpur Ka Superhero.


Shikha Shah

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  1. Ravi Keshri

    December 25, 2010 at 4:43 am

    Nice movie. I think it will b full of fun. I will go for it because it is the movie of my best actor.

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