10 life hacks Orange Is the New Black taught us

Since its premiere in 2013, Orange Is the New Black has amassed a large fan following. Once you’ve watched an episode (or binge-watched an entire season), it’s quite easy to see why. The show features the right amount of drama and comedy to keep anyone hooked. What’s better? Each of the characters, no matter how minor their role, has an intriguing backstory and character depth.

But what makes Orange Is the New Black even more fun to watch are the interesting little life hacks it teaches. The show, which focuses on the women’s attempts to cope with prison life, gives handy tips and tricks that we can all use in everyday life. Here are nine life hacks Orange Is the New Black taught us:

1. Instant coffee can be useful in ways you never imagined.

If you ever run out of eye shadow just before you need to go out, just mix some ground coffee with water and baby powder. Voila!

2. Need a spa day? Coffee to the rescue, again!

Just mix some coffee, cocoa powder, milk and honey to make the perfect face mask.

3. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. When the women at Litchfield Penitentiary desperately needed a smoke, they fashioned a lighter out of a battery and foil.

Take a piece of foil (a chewing gum wrapper works too) and connect one end to the battery’s negative side. Connect the other end to the positive side and you have your very own lighter!

4. Have you had a long day? Is your back killing you?

Though there’s no shortage of medicines and back rubs available, they rarely provide the same relief as a home remedy. When Red (Kate Mulgrew) had a sore back, Piper (Taylor Schilling) concocted back rub out of cocoa butter and jalapenos.

Cut a jalapeno open and scoop out the seeds. Mix these with some cocoa butter and let the lotion work its magic.

5. Don’t have hair rollers? No problemo!

If you want to curl your hair, you can always use tampons like Taystee (Danielle Brooks)! Unused and fresh, we mean.

6. Other feminine hygiene products can have a variety of uses too!

The women at Litchfield made the most out of sanitary pads. They used it to clean up the floor and other messes! Piper also fashioned a surgical mask out of a maxi pad to prevent coming down with the flu!

7. If there’s one thing you can’t rely on pads for, though, it’s making shower shoes.

Learn from Piper’s mistakes and don’t ever make shower shoes out of absorbent pads. You can, however, use Sophia’s (Laverne Cox) trick and use duct tape to make shower shoes!

8. Orange Is the New Black also gave us plenty of tips with regards to hiding places.

The underside of a flower pot and an unused tampon applicator are just some of the excellent hiding spots for your valuable possessions.

9. Is that new lip stain just a little too expensive? Luckily, the ladies of Orange Is the New Black had a life hack for this too.

Sophia mixed some Kool Aid with a little bit of Vaseline to make the perfect lip stain!

10. Kool Aid also makes for a great temporary hair color.

Just take a packet of Kool Aid (or some Rasna or Tang), add a few drops of conditioner and some water. Mix them until they form a paste and let it sit for 30 minutes. The color lasts for four to five washings, while also keeping your hair free from any damage!

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