There are some special moments in time when a large portion of audience unanimously roots for a single cause or they all witness something spectacular, together. When such incidents have recurred, they have gone down in history. The history of TV is a timeline that is filled with game-changing incidents that have sometimes changed the political views and, at times, have been a medium to spread the news of an event or a calamit. TV has not only helped in collecting aid but also was the fastest medium of mass communication, until the age of the Internet. Here are some incidents along the timeline of TV, which are truly historic.

Moon landing

It was not only a giant leap for mankind, it was also an era of people getting inspired by humans reaching for the moon. Space explorations didn’t hold a candle to stepping on the moon. The first words on the moon have been immortalized in the minds of the people who saw it live on the television and for generations to come. This was also one of the first worldwide broadcasts across the globe.

Lady Diana’s wedding

She is still fondly remembered in the hearts of the people and her wedding was as grand as they say in the stories. It was the perfect fairy tale wedding for the Lady and the whole world saw it. The program was viewed by about 75 million people making it a record-breaking event.

The Beatles on Ed Sullivan

After Elvis Presley who gathered over 60 million views on the same show, his record was broken by The Beatles who were watched performing by 70 million viewers and it set the record for the show and a standard by which all the other episodes would be compared.

Presidential debate between Nixon and Kennedy

This was the first debate that was telecasted after which it became a trend because the voters saw the candidates speak about their policies and their reactions. Kennedy, who was relatively unknown at that time compared to Nixon, won the election by a landslide when the viewers saw him as a more confident candidate in comparison to his competitor.

Bulova watch

The audience watching the baseball match between Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies had their first glimpse of what a paid ad looks like, when, during the halftime, they were viewing a 20-second shot of a watch with the tagline The world runs on Bulova time.

2004 Tsunami

The news of natural disasters and even terrorist attacks spread quickly due to the aid of the Internet and television. Its potential was not fully tapped until the Tsunami hit Indonesia. The quick spread of news helped in gathering quicker aid and also raised about 14 billion USD for the victims.

Coverage of the Vietnam war

During the world wars, there were a lot of restrictions on the media coverage for the sake of protecting the people. By the time USA invaded Vietnam, these restrictions were no longer implemented. Journalists were sent to the war zone and they covered it live and also did segments on the plight of the soldiers in the war zone. This led to the viewers back home protesting against the war on such a grand scale that they had to withdraw their troops in the end.

Nixon’s resignation

In the light of the investigations that were carried out against him, Nixon had opted to resign in a 16-minute television broadcast that was televised across the nation and he left the White House the following day.

The fall of Berlin Wall

The Cold War was a scary time for the people who were still reeling from the effects of World War II. Victory for them came when The Great Wall fell down and with it, so did the tyranny that separated two parts of a whole nation. The removal of the first concrete block was televised live and the people didn’t waste any time in tearing down the remaining parts of the wall.

The attacks of 9/11

After the first plane crashed, news vans were quickly on the screen covering the horrific incident, what was thought to be an accident. But when the other two planes came crashing, the magnitude of the attack was understood and it was captured live for the world to see and mourn.
These events made it to our list of television history. Remember any more? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share.

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