10 things you might have missed in Fight Club

Upon its release, Fight Club shocked viewers and critics alike. The film’s unapologetic exploration of themes like terrorism, capitalization and masculinity wasn’t for everyone. Despite these interstices, the film has grown to become a cult hit in the years since.


Apart from the obvious technicalities, one of the best parts of Fight Club is the film’s re-watch value. Knowing the big twist only makes it that much easier to spot the various Easter eggs David Fincher placed in the film. Here are 10 things you might have missed in Fight Club:

1. We get to see glimpses of Tyler Durden before we’re formally introduced to him.

Yes, Fincher placed 4 different frames featuring Tyler before he crosses paths with the Narrator. Though each of these appearances only lasts a quarter of a second, it was still the easiest Easter egg to spot in the film.

2. However, those aren’t the only appearances Tyler makes before his introduction.

The fifth time we see Tyler is on TV! When the Narrator, a known insomniac, watches TV in his hotel room, we see a group of waiters saying "Welcome". What you might not notice at first glance, however, is that the waiter on the far right happens to be Brad Pitt!

3. The set design team had their own inside joke in store for Brad Pitt as well. In the scene where the Narrator sees Marla Singer out of town, the marquee for a movie theater reads "Seven Years in Tibet". What’s so notable about this? It starred… Yes, you know it – Brad Pitt.

Director David Fincher said that the film was also supposed to feature marquees of other films by the cast of Fight Club. However, only Seven Years In Tibet and Wings of the Dove (starring Helena Bonham Carter) are visible in the film.

4. Fight Club is known for its not-so-sly jabs at consumerism. And what better symbol of consumerism than a Starbucks cup?

What you might not have noticed in the film is that almost every scene features a Starbucks cup somewhere in the frame. Though Starbucks certainly didn’t mind the extra publicity, they drew the line at scenes showing destruction. This includes the infamous art crash scene and the scene with the coffee shop being destroyed.

5. One of the many odd jobs Tyler worked was that of a movie projectionist. His job included switching film reels fast enough that audiences never noticed a gap in the playback. Tyler being Tyler spliced frames showcasing male genitalia into family films.

A frame like this also makes its way into Fight Club towards the end. Just when the Narrator and Marla are watching the buildings collapse, there is a frame that looks like it was inserted by Tyler himself!

6. Drew Barrymore, a close friend of Edward Norton, also appears in the film. We see a magazine called Movieline in Tyler’s apartment. No prizes for guessing who’s on the cover!

It gets better. When the film was released on Blu-Ray in 2009, it also contained a fake menu option for her film Never Been Kissed. Many people were confused by it, leading some to believe that the entire batch of Blu-Rays was defective. However, it was just David Fincher playing a prank on the viewers! The director wanted to choose a movie that was unlike Fight Club but had the distinction of bombing at the box office in the same year. He chose Never Been Kissed, which got the go-ahead from Barrymore herself!

7. Fight Club also has a lot more in common with Memento than you would originally guess.

The most notable one of these similarities is the fact that Teddy from Memento and Marla from Fight Club share the same phone number!

8. Very few people actually stick around to watch the end credits. Fight Club decided to tip its hat to the production assistants, crew members and other unsung heroes in an unusual way.

While the Narrator writes haikus at work, we see a glimpse of a document open in the background. What you didn’t know is that the names on the document are the names of the Fight Club crew themselves.


9. Who can forget Fight Club‘s iconic cave scene?


What makes the scene even more iconic is the fact that it features Leonardo Di Caprio‘s breath. Yes, you read that right. The air we see when the Narrator breathes into Marla’s mouth has actually been borrowed from Titanic!

10. Though it might’ve seemed shocking on first watch, it’s quite easy to pick up on the clues once you know the big twist. Beware: Spoilers ahead!

After his condo blows up, the Narrator is relieved when Tyler calls him back on the payphone. However, what we didn’t notice at first was that the text on the payphone reads "No incoming calls accepted." This means that Tyler couldn’t have called the Narrator back even if he existed!

The twist is also hinted at when Tyler and the Narrator board a bus together. The Narrator only pays the fare for one person. Moreover, when they are together in a car driven by Tyler, the Narrator gets out from the driver’s side too. Coincidence? We don’t think so!

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