10 Times Celebs were too Lazy for their own Good

You don't need to work in showbiz as an assistant, agent or manager to know how finicky celebrities can be. We've all heard of how hoity-toity the divas can get. Fine, we know you're a star, but there's no need to be so difficult. Being particular about certain things is understandable, but some have simply hit the heights of laziness. You'd be surprised at their preposterous behavior. It is also ironic since one would believe that success comes only with hard work (although some might have it easier #kardashians). On the special occasion of International Sloth Day, we bring to you a list of the ten laziest things celebs have ever done, or rather, not done. They'll remind you why 'sloth' is one of the seven deadly sins.

Putting up with the Kardashians
Let's begin with our favorite Kardashians. Here's a list of things, all owing to their laziness – Rob (the only male in the family since Bruce turned into Caitlyn) does not feel like working, Kylie isn't too bothered with academics, Kim doesn't remove her makeup before sleeping, Kim created a coffee table book with only her selfies in it, Kim was really excited about being a mother but has never actually changed a diaper, Kim etc.


Jennifer Lopez and the coffee
This one might stir you up. JLo refuses to stir her own coffee and has someone do it for her. Not just that, she also insists that it is stirred counter clockwise and in between sips. J Lo. More like nahi jhelna.


Ariana Grande and the carrier
This little diva has grand demands. While working on video shoots, she refuses to walk, having her bodyguard carry her wherever she goes. Kind of cute though, not going to lie.


Mariah Carey and the bent straws
She's known for being a quintessential diva, with all her demands. One of them being – bendy straws. Everywhere she goes, she needs a bent straw so she doesn't have to strain her neck to have a sip. What a pain in the neck.


Eminem and the fast food
He likes his food like his speech – fast. On tour, he orders someone to order food from all of the different fast food restaurants around because he never knows what he will be hungry for, at that point in time.


Beyonce and the bottles
This might blow your lid off. Beyonce refuses to open her own water bottles because she says that it takes too much effort and doesn’t want to hurt her hand. Who runs the world? Not people who cannot open bottles.


Anna Wintour and the errands
The devil wears Prada, indeed. Her assistants run all her 'errands', right from taking her dogs for walks, going shopping and even helping her family out.


Lea Michele and the ten feet law
While filming a TV show, whenever she had to walk more than ten feet, she'd always need someone to drive her there. We're sure she must've driven her driver crazy.


Christina Aguilera and the rush hour
Popstars tour a lot and that can be exhausting. But Christina needs a police escort to greet her at the airport so they can lead her car out of the traffic. She says that if she has to deal with traffic, she won’t be able to handle it and then won’t be able to perform. Alright, Lady Marmalade.


Rod Stewart and the darkness
This will haunt you. The singer once wanted someone to wait in his hotel room until he was ready to sleep because he didn’t want to turn off the lights and then walk across the room in the dark. He has actually said that a remote wouldn't help because he didn’t want to look for the button. Switch off already, mate.


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