Whether you’re at an Avicii, Hardwell or Deadmau5 concert, there are certain things you can expect. The unparalleled energy, enthusiasm and good music, to name a few. But one element that’s often overlooked is the people.


Yes, the crowd at an EDM concert is almost as fascinating as the artists themselves. Irrespective of the performing artist and the location, there are certain types of people we all come across there. If you’ve been to your fair share of gigs, you know exactly who we’re talking about. If you haven’t, here are the ten types of people you bump into at an EDM concert:

1. The "Stoner":

Not to be confused with an actual stoner, the "stoner" is the guy who smokes a "j" (if you know what we mean)and claims to be as high as a kite. Is he really that high? Or is he just pretending? We’ll never know.


2. The Guy with the Fliers:

We’ve all seen him. We’ve all fallen prey to him. Yes, it’s the guy with all the fliers. It’s hard to spot this specimen, because he’s often disguised as a casual EDM fan. You won’t know until it’s too late and he’s already handed you a few fliers.

3. The Guy In the Birthday Suit:
Unfortunately, there are always a few of these guys at an EDM concert. To make matters worse, they’re almost always 50-year-old men with protruding bellies. If we’re lucky, they won’t be too close to us. If we aren’t (which is more likely), they’re going to end up crowd surfing right overhead.

4. The Tweetard:

All of us have at least one friend who can’t let go of their phone. Whether it’s to update Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, these guys can’t forego the opportunity to gain a few followers. The concert is trending, after all!

Beware: They tend to get antsy if you happen to knock their phone over.

5. The Freeloader:

You’d think that EDM concerts would be filled with fans of the genre. Well, that is true. But there’s also an often-overlooked category of people present there: the Freeloaders. There are two possible reasons for the Freeloaders’ presence: they won a free ticket, and/or they’re accompanying a friend or significant other.

6. The "Woo!" Girls:

As How I Met Your Mother rightly pointed out, every gig or party has at least one group of the Woo Girls. Who are they, you ask? These girls, usually found in groups of more than 5 are just psyched to be at the concert. How do they express this enthusiasm? They only need one syllable and that’s "Woo!"

7. The Blast From the Past:

The ’90s are long gone. But someone forgot to tell these guys. We’ve all come across at least one person who shows up at EDM concerts in ’90s raver apparel. Oh yes, this includes beads, flowers, fishnets, body paint and loads of second-hand embarrassment.

8. The #1 Fan:
Chances are that we all know at least a few #1 Fans. The artists and the music at the concert are completely irrelevant to the #1 Fan. He’s just so happy to be there, which turns him into the biggest fan of whoever’s playing. Oh, and he will repeat this fact at least a few times during the concert. Ask him to name three songs by the artist and you’ll be treated to a lecture about why all of his/her songs are amazing.

9. The EDM Snob:

Not to be confused with the #1 Fan, the EDM Snob is the guy that everyone loves to hate. This is the guy who loves pointing out the nuances of every track that’s being played. While we do enjoy learning about the difference between Zomboy and Alvin Risk, mid-concert is probably not the best time for this lesson.

10. The True Blue EDM Fan:

This is the person who’s at the concert for one reason only – the music. He loses himself in the rhythm, forgetting everything else. He also finds it easy to ignore the other 9 types of people, as he’s too engrossed in the music. All said and done, this is the best kind of person to be.

You’re bound to come across at least 5 of these kinds of people when you see Hardwell or Axwell Λ Ingrosso live. But if you’re the True Blue EDM Fan, you can just let go and just enjoy the music!

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