How many times have you looked at your closet and felt it’s a mess? How many times have you found something you didn’t know you owned? How many times have you searched high and low for something you find months later? Yes, we know that happens to you and it happens to us, too. There are a lot of tricks on the internet to help you bring some sort of order to the chaos that closets are. We have chosen the most doable and the best of them for you to start cleaning your cupboard (you know you have been putting it off!). For all the neat freaks out there, who are grinning at not experiencing any such problems, some new tricks up your sleeve wouldn’t hurt, would it? Yes, it is time to clean your closet and that mountainous task can be made easier with these creative hacks.

1. Double up the hangers

By using can caps or a plastic chain you can double-up hangers which will leave a lot of space to hang more of your clothes.

2. Arrange clothes season-wise and occasion-wise

It is always smart to let your winter clothes take a back seat during the summer and vice versa. Also, it is always helpful to arrange your clothes by occasions/categories, for example- casual wear, office wear, party clothes. It makes it easier to chose the right clothes for the occasion.

3. Install a pegboard

 A peg board will help you hang your daily necessities and also be an ideal way to display your accessories so you don’t have to spend a lot of time finding the right accessory with the right color. A transparent drawer also works for your accessories as it offers the same visibility.

4. A planted plywood or over-the-door organizer

For your best friends – your footwear – you can install a slanted piece of plywood where they get all the importance they deserve or you can use the over-the-door organizer to arrange them in the pockets and they won’t even take much of your space.

5. Don’t hang your bags

Stuff your bags with tissues so that they don’t lose their shape. Instead of hanging them, stack them horizontally on top of one another. Hanging can lead to the weakening of the belts and can reduce the durability of your favorite bag.

6. Stackable bins

Try using stackable bins in your closet to get some more space and keep everything organised.

7. Labeling helps

If you have a variety of clothes and you have stacked them up in individual drawers, labeling the drawer will help you keep track of what is where and also where things should go.

8. Remove unwanted items regularly

One of the main reasons that your closet never seems to be in control is because you keep adding without removing. Hoarding is a sin and every few months do a thorough check to see what can be removed. Make it a point to donate the items to keep you motivated.

9. Shoe boxes for the delicates

Use shoe boxes to store your delicates and lingerie. They will retain the shape and be easily accessible.

10. Arranging your bedsheets

If you like to change your bed sheets every couple of months, fold them and keep them in pillow cases to keep them together and make your work easier.

11.  Use hangers for scarves and stockings

As for your accessories, your scarves and stockings also need the visibility to help you choose without spending much time digging through your closet. You can use hangers to hang multiple scarves and stockings.

What do you think of these hacks? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share these tips with your friends.


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