11 Villains Without Whom Bollywood Would Have Been Pretty Dull

Think of a movie without a villain, sans plot twists, no avenging relatives, no tragedy, nothing. If you think of it, heroes are not even the reason for an entertaining story, villains are. Without them villains, any story will be just ordinary and dull. There will be no evil laugh, no creepy stalkers, no wild-pet animals and none of those extremely sexy vamps either. Or imagine a Bollywood masala flick without an action sequence. Makes no sense, right? 

Villains add the much-required masala to a movie. They make a flick so much more entertaining. So, to cherish the existence of villains without whom Bollywood movies would have been so dull, we have listed 11 of the craziest villains here:

Villains of Bollywood - BookMyShow
Loud and over-the-top, with a pit of acid to terrify people, Mogambo is till date one of the most dangerous villains Bollywood has produced. A fantastic sense of dressing and the desperation to conquer the world, Mogambo had everything that an ideal villain must have, including a catchphrase. Who would Mr. India save India from if Mogambo wasn't there? Actually, without Mogambo there neither be Mr. India nor will there be hawa hawai.

Villains of Bollywood - BookMyShow
A sinister laugh and a powerful voice, Gabbar is, undoubtledly, the most iconic of all. He made everyone feel as threatened as Kaliya whenever he uttered "Ab tera kya hoga Kaliya". No think, if he wouldn't have been there, Thakur would have his family there with him and his hands, he would never search for Jai and Veeru, no Basanti resulting in no Sholay. Who would want to live in a world without Sholay?

Dr. Dang
Villains of Bollywood - BookMyShow
The reason why the 90s kids are afraid of doctors, medicine and needles is Dr. Dang. Psychotic and imprudent. He was the head of a terrorist organisation. Anupam Kher, who is equally famous for playing positive characters, just breathed life into this immortal baddy.

Villains of Bollywood - BookMyShow
Commonly known as the Bollywood's on-screen rapist, Ranjeet has acted in more than 200 movies. Just by his lascivious gaze, he could make many females shudder with fear. Imagine the list of your favorite dialogues without "Bhagwan k liye mujhe chhod do"? Boring, right?

Villains of Bollywood - BookMyShow
An unrecognisable Kulbhushan Kharbanda with cunning eyes and fingers tapping on the bald head is how one pictures Shakaal. A weirdly chilled out villain for his time, he had a pit full of hungry crocodiles, which made space into every kid's nightmare then. Who would the hero protect his beloved and mother from if there were no Shakaal?

Prem Chopra
Villains of Bollywood - BookMyShow
Our Indian James Bond with the signature dialogue, "Prem naam hai mera, Prem Chopra", Prem was a soft-spoken ever-smiling villain, unlike his contemporaries. His reprobate attitude and charming features often led people to trust him. Imagine the industry sans this Prem, you'd just be left with Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

Villains of Bollywood - BookMyShow
A rather sophisticated Lion was villain goals. He was the man who hid behind the mask of a good, honest businessman and did a lot of extra-curricular activities like smuggling, black marketing and robberies. A tough job to do. His different style of talking and the narcissistic attitude made him extremely scary. If he wouldn't have been there, Mona Darling would never exist.

Kesariya Vilayati
Villains of Bollywood - BookMyShow
A name that became the synonym for villain, Kesariya Vilayati AKA Badman stood out with stalwarts like Amrish Puri, with whom he shared the screen. His sharp wit and schemes made the audience along with the cast tremble with fear. Movies without the Badman Gulshan Grover wouldn't be half as good.

Villains of Bollywood - BookMyShow
Everyone remembers Teja and his mark. Cunning yet funny, you can hate him or laugh at him but you can not ignore him. Paresh Rawal playing the character has taken it to another level. Who would want to lose on such gems?

Kancha Cheena
Villains of Bollywood - BookMyShow
A late entry in the list of dreadful villains, Kaancha Cheena was the Devil in human form. With his bald head, he made a terrifying sight. He could make an entire village kneel in front of him. Ruthless and reckless, he made the new Agneepath a more entertaining movie. Imagine him being a good guy? Na, he is better when he is bad.

Villains of Bollywood - BookMyShow
Pran had a real bad time with people hating him for real because of bad roles. There were no kids named after him for decades and easily till date. He was terror personified as a no-nonsense villain with no weaknesses and who made no mistakes. People loved to watch him and were as much scared. Imagine missing on one such character, life would just be incomplete.

No matter how many heroes come and go, they can only be heroes if they have a villain to defeat. You think you know more such interesting villains without whom the industry wouldn't be the same? Let us know in the comments below.

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