Big fan of tattoos? Planning to get one soon that has a deep meaning? We can help you find the perfect tattoo. Once you have had a look at our list, you will realize that there are a lot of tattoos which look simple or cute but have a deep or sometimes even dark meanings. So it’s always best to do a lot of research about tattoos before you get them imprinted on your skin.

Once done, it’s going to be with you for life and so you will want something that you can relate to. You definitely don’t want to get up one day and think that you made a big mistake by spending so much money and bearing all that pain for nothing. If you are unhappy with your tattoo, you could also get it removed, but remember, it hurts like HELL. So, always, always, get something that you really believe in and which represents you in the best way, and not because you saw it in a music video or thought it looked cool.

You can refer to our list and choose wisely for yourself. Also, don’t be surprised if some of these tattoos manage to open your eyes!

Three Dots
Mi vida loca’, when translated to English means this – ‘my crazy life’. Sounds relatable, right? Guess what, this is also the most common prison tattoo.
This is a Swedish symbol which means that you need to experience failure in order to move ahead in life.
These are tiny Greek symbols which have powerful meanings. They are perfect examples of minimalist tattoos.
This is the deadliest tattoo. A solid teardrop means you have killed someone or you lost someone close to you. If the tattoo is just an outline, that means unfinished business or attempt to murder. Yikes! Does that change your mind about getting this?
Zen Circle
It represents inner strength, the universe, and enlightenment. 
Clock with No Hands
If you thought this had an Alice in Wonderland reference, you are somewhat wrong. It also means that time has come to a still or you are doing time for your mistakes. Another popular prison tattoo!
Phases of the Moon
This means change is constant, and karma. Our life goes through changes and the phases of moon remind us of that. 
It means that you were going through a difficult time that almost led you to end your life, but you didn’t. And so it represents a new beginning.
5 Point Crown
A crown tattoo can be cute and it usually means victory. So, while getting one, don’t forget to count its points because the 5-point crown is a symbol of the biggest Hispanic gang (Latin Kings gang) in the US.

This symbol means that you need to immerse yourself in whatever you do in life. It also means love, passion, creativity, and soul.
This is a knuckle tattoo which means ‘Evil, Wicked, Mean, Nasty’. It’s generally tattooed on the dominant hand of a prisoner. So, think twice before you get that!
If you are in search for enlightenment and want to depict your struggle and how you found harmony in life, this sacred Buddhist symbol is what you need.

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