Tarbosaurus (3D): Movie Review

Review: Making peace with regrets and one’s guilt are not unheard of but there are some we just can’t live with. No matter how distressed one is, they try to continue with life but sometimes moving on isn’t a possibility –  it’s a far fetched wish!

Like any other child, Speckles (A Tarbosaurus; a  type of dinosaur who along with Tynnosauraus happened to be one of the most vicious and strong predators) was eager to grow up before his time but his longing to learn to hunt came with a cost which made him an orphan. The film begins on this engaging note but even that’s very short-lived. Your breathless only momentarily for the first couple of minutes while the wide and top angle computer- generated images of dense forests and hot springs are screened but that ends abruptly only to jolt you the minute the voiceover begins!

One-eye the same Tynnosaurus who killed Speckles’ family now rules the dinosaur kingdom and the rest of the film depicts how keenly Speckles wants to gear up to avenge One-eye. Unfortunately, these scenes are nothing of a drama saga! Scenes where Speckles is giving his wife Blue-eye a pep talk are supposed to make the audience weep but it only come as across as a dinosaur sob story courtesy the voiceover. This does nothing to build the tension and excite the viewer, the film does attempt to step into a dinosaur’s shoes but deploys all the wrong cinematic techniques.

The film is set 70 million years back in the dinosaur age, To aggravate matters, there are no humans in this science fiction flick, only voices! The fight sequences between Spot and One-eye are needless and calling them a bore is an understatement. The 88 minute film could definitely do with some editing and that would preferably mean completely doing away with the voiceover. Sadly, people don’t understand that a children’s film  doesn’t mean it invariably needs to be dumbed down!

Verdict: Watch this film at your own risk, don’t tell us you weren’t warned!

Kanika Rajani

Movie Details
Director: Han Sang-Ho
Voiceovers: Goo Ja-Hyeong, Lee Hyung Suk, Sin Yong-woo
Writer: Hang Sang-Ho
Length: 110 minutes

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