13 Times Spock Taught you to Live Long and Prosper

If there was one person who knew a thing or two about sharing a life with a character they played on screen was Leonard Nimoy. He was a Jewish boy from Boston who served in the military and went on to become one of the most iconic characters till date. This character was not backed by years of literary references and yet his reel character and Leonard Nimoy have gone on to become synonymous with each other. Leonard was much more than Spock. He was an excellent director who gave us movies like Three Men and a Baby. He was a keen photographer and his work was exhibited regularly. He and Spock both had a musical career, as he sang as Spock and himself. He also wrote a two-part memoir on living two lives as Spock and as Leonard. There is much he has done and there is less there is written about his life beyond Spock.

Spock - BookMyShow

While most actors would have begrudged this, Leonard Nimoy owned his life as Spock. Even his tweets would end with the familiar quote "Live Long and Prosper", which was shortened to LLAP (because 140 characters). He wrote years after the original series ended, “To this day, I sense Vulcan speech patterns, Vulcan social attitudes and even Vulcan patterns of logic and emotional suppression in my behavior.” The intertwining between the reel character and the real actor could be Leonard's doing, as he came up with the Vulcan salute, which has even found its way into our emoticons. His inspiration while portraying Spock was his own childhood in Boston as a Jewish child who just immigrated and was trying to be a part of an alien culture. Even his memoirs were in the form of dialogues between Spock and Leonard.

When you think of Spock, you see a science officer who holds logic above everything else. He dishes out the truth that may be tough to digest but is truth nonetheless. He observed the whole of humanity and judged for their actions. His wise words stay with us till date. As we remember Leonard Nimoy on his birth anniversary, it is time to revisit some of his wise words.

On living hell
Spock - BookMyShow

On critical moments
Spock - BookMyShow

On reign of evil
Spock - BookMyShow

On truth
Spock - BookMyShow

On needs
Spock - BookMyShow

On change
Spock - BookMyShow

On logic
Spock - BookMyShow

On worship
Spock - BookMyShow

On reality
Spock - BookMyShow

On computers
Spock - BookMyShow

On having and wanting
Spock - BookMyShow

On death
Spock - BookMyShow

On conflict

Spock - BookMyShow

Vulcans clearly knew much about life. As you try to remember the moments behind these wise words, it's time for a TV series and a movie marathon. Which other wise words have stayed with you? Tell us in the comments below. And as Spock would have said, "Live Long and Share". 

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