20 hidden gems in Arrested Development

Let’s face it, Arrested Development is not a show you watch just once. The way the seemingly-inconsequential sub-plots come together, the delightfully-loathsome characters and the Easter eggs keep you coming back to the show. Yes, it would be fair to say that the show only gets better with every watch. Even the fourth season, which had its share of drawbacks, didn’t cease to amaze us with the hidden jokes and Easter eggs.


If you’re planning to binge-watch Arrested Development all over again, keep your eyes peeled for these 20 hidden jokes:

1. Our favorite Easter egg on the show has got to be the foreshadowing of Buster’s fate. Though we were treated to puns about hands, hooks and seals, we didn’t see it coming until it was too late.

2. When Trevor set out to search for Rita and Michael, Lucille and George Sr. threw him off by saying that the couple went to Legoland. A little later in the same episode, we saw Trevor wearing a Legoland t-shirt, showing that he fell for the trap!

3. Though Annyong’s real motives aren’t revealed until much later, we did get a hint about the truth. When the Bluths’ banana stand was vandalized, it had the words "I’ll get u Bluths – Hello" spray painted on it. We already knew that Annyong meant "Hello" in Korean, but it was later revealed that Annyong’s real name was Hel-loh!

4. Arrested Development also took not-so-sly digs at Fox, referring to the series’ early cancellation.


5. Dr. Stein had a rather interesting first name: Frank. Dr. Frank Stein.




6. Dr. Stein, played by Dan Castellaneta, also had a familiar catchphrase: "D’oh!". Reminds you of someone? The actor playing Dr. Stein has also been the voice of Homer Simpson. 

7. At the Bluths’ legal meeting, Bob Loblaw mentioned that someone might be listening in on their conversation. Right then, the camera cut to Larry Middleman (who was wearing a wire) and a shot of the production crew’s boom mic.

8. The credits that were a reference to Quintuplets.




9. When George Michael and the candy beans were color coordinated. 

10. Before we knew what George Sr. was up to, he told Kitty that the evidence was hidden in a cooler, labelled H. MADDAS. A scene with a mirror in the background clued us in on what was really going on. H. MADDAS written backwards is SADDAM H.

11. Just like Buster, there was also some foreshadowing of Rita’s condition. When Buster and Rita sat on the benches, the text behind them gave us a glimpse into their fate.

12. Arrested Development often joked about how soap operas replace actors without acknowledging the change in the cast. The show also demonstrated this with Marta, who played a soap star, and was subsequently portrayed by three different actresses!

13. The Hip-Hop band, Arrested Development, took Fox to court over the title of the show. The show took a dig at this too.

14. When Michael tried to convince Oscar to give Lucille some Afternoon Delight, the latter said "Maybe I’ll put it in her brownie." It wasn’t a coincidence that a sign reading "PARKING IN REAR" was in the background.

15. The witty quip about Hollywood sets.

16. Though "Maybe" and "Maeby" initially seemed like a witty pun, we would never have guessed what it meant about their relationship.

17. When the family’s PR manager gave them some tips, the Bluths had no idea how well it worked. The negative headline in the newspaper was also accompanied by a small blurb saying "Bum Gets Balloon".

18. Nellie’s advertisement as a "conslutant" seemed like a simple typo, but it wasn’t. No prizes for guessing her real profession.

19. In the hospital, we saw a board behind Michael saying "Nurse Ratchet". This is a reference to the infamous Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

20. Lucille sent her adopted son, Annyong, to Milford School. The school’s founder, Earl Milford, was of the opinion that children should neither be seen nor heard. After this, we never saw or heard of Annyong… Until the big finale, that is.

And these are just a few of our favorites! Which hidden jokes, according to you, are the show’s best?

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1 Comment

  1. Shweta

    September 8, 2014 at 11:04 pm

    Genius – the people who made the show and the person who compiled the list of hidden jokes in ‘Arrested Development’ :)

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