4 ways to ruin your favorite song

“Wow! What an awesome track! I can keep listening to it forever.”
No, you can’t.

It seems easy to get hooked on a feeling, and turn up the music every now and then. But it doesn’t take a lot for you to start hating your favorite song. Good luck keeping a Poker Face after that.
Seriously, though; you can only listen to one song so many times, after which it just loses its steam.
Apart from non-stop listening, here are a few other ways that can speed up the process of alienation.

1. The Ominous Alarm

“This track is dear to me. I shall keep it as my morning alarm. I’ll wake up fresh as a sunflower and prance about like a deer.”
If this is what you think good music is supposed to do, then I have bad news for you – Keeping your favorite track as an alarm is possibly the dumbest thing you can do. The worst thing about mornings is the fact that you have to wake up. Now imagine waking up to a track that usually makes you happy. The little voice in your head is telling you to go back to sleep, but Adele (or Beiber, if that’s what you like) has something else in mind.
Sooner or later, your dreams will be filled with the song playing on repeat mode, and you will start doubting your own sanity.

2. Post Break-Up Traumatic Disorder

Everything is perfect when you are in love. The sun shines a little brighter, the birds chirp a little louder. And when you are out on that perfect date, your favorite song becomes ‘our’ song.
Cut to one day after the break-up. The sun is hiding behind gloomy clouds and the birds are soaring in the sky with their loved ones. And then there’s you. Depressed and lonely, with only tissues and your cell phone by your side. As such, if the music player plays ‘our’ song, it feels like someone drove a nail through your heart. Again.
Such sadness, I tell you.

3. Stoner Tales

You know a song packs a lot of awesome when you are baked. Every lyric so true, every note so profound. It’s almost like your life couldn’t get any better. You are in sync with the universe. You are in the zone.
And then you are back to your normal self. The only difference is that the song doesn’t sound as great as it did when you were stoned. That’s the universe’s way of showing you that you can’t have good things. Unless you are baked, of course.

4. Karaoke Kamikaze

So you’ve been chilling with your friends. You’ve drowned a few, and you think you can go up on the stage and sing your favorite song, word for word and tune for tune. It is only when you are halfway through the song do you realize that you couldn’t be more wrong. Your voice is horrible and you are forgetting the lyrics. The song you fondly remembered is now a part of your memory for all the wrong reasons. Not everyone can take public embarrassment so easily. Let it go, both the moment and the song.

Like any wound, the memories will heal, and one day, you will be able to pick up the music player, select the song and start grinning again. Until then, it’s best to keep discovering new music.

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