47 to 84 – Hun Main Kisnu Watan Kahunga: Film Review – A heartbreaking true story

1947 and 1984 are undoubtedly two of the most gruesome years in Indian history. Though many movies have explored the independence movement of 1947, the 1984 riots haven’t been touched upon as much. 47 to 84: Hun Main Kaisnu Watan Kahunga does just that.
47 to 84 traces the life of Sukhmani, a young Sikh woman who has lived through both these struggles. In 1947, a young Sukhmani is forced to flee to India after she loses all her loved ones. In the years following the partition, India becomes her home. But this feeling of belonging is threatened once again during the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.
The film tackles these heartbreaking topics with tact and thoughtfulness. It takes an honest look at the plight of the people who lived through these incidents, without ever losing sensitivity. At the same time, it shows how these mass struggles affected individual lives. 47 to 84 explores this through Sukhmini’s family – each member of which face different atrocities, due to the riots.
Nattasha Rana is remarkable as Sukhmini. She brings a depth to the character that makes you root for her. Zafar Dhillon is also noteworthy in his portrayal of her son, Amrit Singh. For the most part, the two actors carry 47 to 84 on their shoulders.
The movie is very realistic, even in terms of cinematography. The scenes are shot in a way that complements the tone of the film, getting the message across in a subtle, yet powerful way. This is further cemented by the fact that every set and every backdrop is realistic, making the movie much more authentic.
The movie has the potential to be great, but it is far from flawless. It often feels like the film struggles to find its tone. Serious sequences are interrupted by dance numbers that take away from the depth of the film. Although the songs are not bad, it often feels like there are just too many of them. They also feel misplaced in 47 to 84, an otherwise serious film.
The movie, which is realistic for the most part, also has some sequences that border on cringeworthy. Scenes like an unarmed man in his sixties fighting off a host of thugs are just a tad unrealistic.
Inspite of all this, 47 to 84 is a good concept with great potential. It explores an untapped topic in the right way, making it a film worth watching.
Why should you watch this film?
47 to 84: Hun Main Kaisnu Watan Kahunga is a must-watch for anyone looking for a better understanding of these times. It is a fairly realistic portrayal of the life and times of Sikhs during the era. If you want to watch an honest but sensitive account of the anti-Sikh riots, you can’t afford to miss this film.

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1 Comment

  1. Tarlok

    June 2, 2014 at 7:25 am

    Beautifully filmed about a very delicate subject. Acting of Nattasha Rana & Zafar Dhillon is very natural and brilliant. Technically sound. Direction is great.
    Great effort. A must watch movie.

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