5 amazing pranks pulled off by celebrities

 There is something priceless about celebrities who make others laugh -specifically, those who laugh at the expense of others. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want to sound like sadists here. But we’re talking about celebrities who pull a pranks on others, by showing their fun side. You got that right!  Celebrities aren’t always on movie sets, they also take time off to relax. And while they’re doing that they decide to have a good time. And just like us, the rich and famous have fun by pranking their friends – of course most of these are harmless pranks. Take a look at some hilarious ones that celebrities have pulled off on other celebrities or on the public.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 
In a bid to promote his new film Terminator Genisys, Arnold Schwarzenegger pulled one on the public (that’ll have people remember him for a long time!) The actor posed as a lifeless wax statue at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hollywood, only to surprise visitors who stood next to him, by suddenly moving or speaking.You can watch the video here: 

Daniel Radcliffe tricks the paparazzi

Daniel Radcliffe wore the exact same same outfit for five months to annoy paparazzi. That’s right, the star who was part of the biggest franchise of the world did a neat trick by wearing the same colour sweatshirt and pant. Now imagine how bored the paparazzi would get clicking the same pictures! A good trick to stop the photographers from following you.
Brad Pitt and his Y2k scare
In 1999, just after Brad Pitt‘s film Fight club came out, he was catapulted into mega stardom. During the same time, the Y2K scare began to spread. This said that all electronics would fall on the night of December 31st. With the amount of influence he had, the actor invited all of his friends to a resort in Mexico, bribe all the officials to cut the power and phone cables at the stroke of midnight. Therefore scaring the entire gang. Wait, that’s not all! But the prank turned scary later. After the lights came on, armed troops carrying an AK-47 broke in and arrested one of his friends on reports of drug charges! 
George Clooney’s elaborate prank against Brad Pitt
If there’s one person who can compete with prankster Brad Pitt, it’s George Clooney! Back in 2006, George Clooney pulled off a notorious prank by convincing the world that Brad Pitt and Angelina were going to get married in his Italian villa. Journalists swarmed the area, the mayor called the extra law enforcement, only two watch two drags queens named ‘Brad’ and ‘Angelina’ make out in the law. If this is not a prank, then we don’t know what is!
Ellen pranks Taylor Swift!

Apart from inviting popular celebrities on her show, Ellen makes sure she pulls a prank on each one of them. One of her favorite targets throughout the years has been pop diva Taylor Swift. Don’t miss this amazing video compilation to believe how many times she’s been pranked! 
Are these celebrities the perfect pranksters? What did you think about this list. Share your views in the comments!

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