5 Best Opening Scenes That Had Your Jaw Dropping

Ever heard of ‘first impression is the last impression’? Yes, it’s true in every sense. If you wanna woo a girl you like or nail a job interview, you have got to give your best. And the best is your first impression. Similarly, for movies, the opening scene acts like a first impression. It establishes the tone and you know what to expect in the course of the film. If you are bombarded by explosive, gun-blazing dare-devilry stuff, you know you are in for a long intense ride. With that in mind, we take a look at some movies that mastered the art of establishing and executing some beautiful opening scenes.

Star Wars
George Lucas created something spectacular with just texts and background score. You honestly don’t need fancy cinematography or editing to have an impressive opening scene. Lucas did just that. The opening scene with yellow texts crawling backwards accompanied by some kickass pumping music composed by John Williams is till date, by far, the most iconic opening scene. Take a bow, Lucas!

Reservoir Dogs
A bunch of well-dressed guys sitting around a dinner table talking gibberish and discussing the obligations of tipping a restaurant waitress as the camera rotates 360 degrees, putting us right in the middle of the conversation. That is the brilliance of Quentin Tarantino for you. For a bunch of gangsters who are known for their calm and composed personalities, these guys talk a lot.

Inglourious Basterds
We already have Tarantino on the list but this scene from Inglourious Basterds is so good that we just couldn't chalk it off. What makes it so intriguing is the fact that an interrogation between a Nazi and a Jew isn’t brutal instead, it’s polite. The Jew hunter rather uses his wit, smartness, language and more specifically linguistic ability to interrogate him. As the tension builds up, you feel your breath getting heavy with every word that’s delivered on screen. Such is the writing of the film.

Mad Max: Fury Road
Trust George Miller to deliver for Mad Max. The opening scene of Mad Max: Fury Road was breathtaking, to say the least. The camera pans down for a close up of a lizard in a deserted post-apocalyptic environment only to be eaten alive by our lead protagonist, which is followed by high-octane chase sequence that lasts for a whole 3 minutes. Oh boy! The adrenaline levels are high.

The most recent of them all is the hugely popular R-rated super-’anti’ hero movie – Deadpool. When your opening credit scene opens with a bullet-time, super slow motion shots of thugs flying out of a flipping vehicle, followed by self-mocking and funny texts that read "Directed by an overpaid tool", you know in this very moment that this movie is gonna be amazing.

Which opening scene you enjoyed the most? Do let us know in the comments below.

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