5 Bollywood scenes that were Hollywood rip-offs!

A good scene is capable of making us experience a wide variety of emotions. Some make us cry, some make us smile and some make our tummies hurt with laughter. But what if we told you that some of these scenes that played with your emotions aren’t original works, but are ‘based on’ Hollywood movies?! Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s true. Some of these so-called inspirations are so deeply inspired that it’s like watching the same scene but in Hindi and with Indian actors. If you have seen the original scene, these scenes totally fail to impress you. Here are some of the more popular ones.

Barfi – Charlie Chaplin Films
Ranbir Kapoor’s antics were inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s movies. Those funny scenes that made you laugh so much? All Chaplin!  
Bang Bang – Knight And Day
Dialogue to dialogue and expression to expression! Everything was the same. 
Partner – Hitch
They copied the film frame to frame. Not that the box office cared! Partner was a big hit at the time.
Kahaani – Taking Lives
Most of us loved Kahaani but the climax of the movie was exactly like this scene from Taking Lives. 
Singham – Red
That awesome scene in which Ajay Devgn steps out of the car? It’s inspired from Red where Bruce Willis does the exact same thing. 
What did you think of these inspired scenes? Are you heart-broken? Let it out in the comments below!

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