5 Darkest Alternate Horror Movie Endings

Horror movies are dark and bleak in themselves so it’s really hard to wrap your head around them. After surviving the events of the film, the central characters deserve a break, don't they? Which is why we all love to have a warm and happy end. But sometimes (almost all the time), filmmakers opt for a grim, twisted end that suits the tone of the film. More often than not, these endings are turned down by test audiences or production houses interfering with the vision the director had for the film. We bring you five such movies with darkest alternate endings that will surely creep you out.

Paranormal Activity (2007)
In the original ending of the movie, a possessed Katie gets shot down by police after she murders Micah. When Paramount took on the project, they changed the ending so that the possessed villain could live to see another day thus opening up a possibility for sequels. That ending had Katie kill Micah before revealing a demon face.Alternate endings - Bookmyshow

Dawn of the Dead (1978)
The ending that made it to the film was that Peter and Fran escape by flying off the roof in a helicopter. However, in the script it had a much darker ending. The two end up choosing to end their lives. Peter shoots himself in the head, while Fran decapitates herself with the blades of the helicopter. Insane stuff!
Alternate Endings - Bookmyshow

Alien (1979)
We’re definitely not complaining, but this is another movie that had an ending changed in order to get more sequels. Originally, Ripley was going to meet her demise by having her head ripped off by the titular creature. It would then communicate with Earth by making her last log using her head and copying her voice. That sounds really interesting but we would happily settle for the current ending.Alternate Endings - Bookmyshow

The Descent (2005)
This one is a rare case. The original end, the one that the director desired, had Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) escape the hellish confines of those monster-filled caverns, only to realize it was all a dream and that she is moments away from being attacked by the cannibalistic creatures. The audiences in the US didn't take this too well and demanded a rather mellow ending.
Alternate Endings - Bookmyshow

The Butterfly Effect (2004)
This film is weird in itself and what is weirder is the finale that didn't make the cut. The original, intended ending was that Ashton Kutcher’s character travels back in time when he was a baby in his mother’s womb strangling himself to death with the umbilical cord. Yeah, let that sink in!
Alternate Endings - Bookmyshow
So what do you think of these endings? Let us know the in the comments below.

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