5 Dialogues From Singham you can Use Everyday

Bollywood is more than just "Entertainment, entertainment and entertainment". It has given us foot-thumping numbers, lessons on love, san’scars’ and also kickass dialogues. Most of the times, we casually throw around a lot of catch-phrases that come from Bollywood. We just can’t seem to help it! They are just too good.

Talking about Bollywood movie dialogues, we can’t miss out on one of the most-epic action film of recent time – Singham – starring Ajay Devgn as Bajirao Singham. The film gave the die-hard Bollywood fans another excuse for some impressive dialoguebaazi.

Need a recap? Here, we have listed some of the memorable dialogues from the film you can use everyday:

Aata maajhi satakli re!
In the fast-paced city life, anger management is quite an issue. Price hike, traffic, over-crowded locals and metro… and let’s not forget the very obnoxious autowallahs who just pretend not to see you standing on the street waving your hands in sheer desperation. Arrgh! With the level of disappointments escalating beyond your control, you need to unleash your anger. Violence isn’t the answer. Perhaps you should try to repeat Bajirao Singham’s dialogue "Aata maajhi satakli re!".  Might help you unload your frustration.

Joh kanoon todega, main uski haddiyaan todoonga

Do you feel that your local baniya is tampering with your monthly bills? Or does your nerve snap every time you see some rowdy biker breaking the traffic signal? Enough is enough. Yes, you’re just an aam aadmi. But with a certain "aam aadmi revolution" going on all over the country, you’re definitely bestowed with some democratic powers. When it comes to handling unlawful activities Bajirao Singham sure knows the best – Joh kanoon todega, main uski haddiyaan todoonga. Well, you don’t have to literally break anyone’s bones. Just a little dialoguebaazi will do the trick.

Meri zarooratein kam hai… is liye mere zameer mein dum hai
This is especially useful for the ladies. Self-control while shopping is a tad difficult. Almost every time we go on a shopping spree, we end up spending more than we plan. The aftermath of which is hours of guilt trip and Googling "Shopaholic Anonymous". But instead of  getting stuck at a boring self-help session, you can try out this mantra – Meri zarooratein kam hai… is liye mere zameer mein dum hai. Everytime you get an urge to shop something you don’t really need, just repeat this dialogue in your mind.
Give it a try.

Kya hua… shock laga?
Tired of all the nuisance going around you? It’s time you speak out and act. In case anyone tries to intervene, just keep calm and say, "Kya hua… shock laga?" Be sure to keep a straight face.

Cockroach marne ke vaaste Baygon nahin mila toh… Paragon bhi chalta hai
What’s worse than a cockroach? A flying cockroach, of course. Even though this dialogue wasn’t said by Bajirao Singham, we couldn’t help but quote it.  Next time if you are attacked by a cockroach, just fling your chappal at it. Bang on! Just practice a little bit for the aim. And very soon you will be the chappal sniper. 
And you thought your Bata or Paragon chappals were out of fashion.

Bollywood has so much to offer, doesn’t it? Good news is Singham is returning on the big screens this Friday. That means more awesome dialogues from the killer cop. Gear up for an action-packed movie experience with Singham Returns.

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  1. Nimai Das

    July 8, 2015 at 2:47 pm

    Super dialogues…

  2. sammy

    January 20, 2017 at 6:18 pm

    One more dialogue is famous . Nounsense!

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