5 of Dislocate’s best aerial acts

Every fan of aerial theatre has heard the name ‘Dislocate’. After all, the group’s acts perfectly blend adventure with poise, unlike anything that has been done before! If you already love Dislocate and want to take a walk down memory lane (or if you’re just looking for a brand new act to enjoy), here are 5 of the group’s best moments:

Swinging Cloudswing

Don’t let the tune "Old Man on the Back Porch" playing in the background fool you. This isn’t a feat that an old man could pull off… Or a young man, for that matter. Dislocate takes the good ol’ feeling of sitting on a porch swing to a whole new level in the Swinging Cloudswing! The group combined the joy of the playground with the thrill of the circus in this stunning aerial act.

If These Walls Could Talk

Trust Dislocate to put their own amazing spin on mundane events. In If These Walls Could Talk, they managed to depict everyday occurrences with a grace and poise that seems impossible! The group made jumping out of a window, a household argument and even falling more entertaining than ever! Combine this elegance with some well-placed props and authentic costumes, and you have the perfect entertainer!

The Has Beens

Just when it seemed like Dislocate couldn’t get any better than they already are, they surpassed all expectations. The Has Beens strikes the right balance between titillating and elegant. In fact, just a short snippet is much more thrilling than most other shows in their entirety! Don’t believe us? Just watch the video!

The Fairy Show


The Fairy Show might not be Dislocate’s most thrilling act, but it’s one that will bring a smile to anyone’s face! The music, acrobatics, colorful costumes and positivity never fail to amaze us. What’s better? Dislocate put a whole new spin on a beloved topic, while also incorporating aerial acts. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

The Renovators

The Renovators is another one of Dislocate’s acts that makes the mundane seem exciting! It takes the act of renovating a house and turns it on its head. The only downside? In reality, no renovation is as exciting as this!

Now that you have a taste of aerial excitement, we’re sure you’re itching to see Dislocate live. If you live in Mumbai, you can! Just click here and book your tickets for Johnnie Walker – The Journey, now!

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