Rules are meant to be broken or at least you can bend them. Right? Wrong! Well, at least when it comes to food this exception to rule does not apply. Treat your body as a temple and you will live a healthy life. It obviously doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy because after all what is life without some fun. No, we aren't talking about going clean and dieting. It's more like never attempting to eat a few infamous food products. These food items are universally established to provide no nutritive value and may cause some serious and/or fatal health issues. Hence, peeps, take notes. Avoid the following foods like you'd avoid poison.

Margarine is full of artery-clogging trans fat and also is high on salt content, which obviously isn't healthy for you. It increases your blood cholesterol levels which inadvertently makes you prone to heart diseases.

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Diet soda
There’s nothing called as diet soda! It’s time you stop being a sheep that blindly follows the herd. Diet soda is a marketing gimmick of a multi-million dollar company that want you to believe they have mastered the formula for weight loss. Most diet sodas are laced with artificial sweeteners like aspartame that can dull your senses to naturally sweet products like fruits. Besides, aspartame metabolytes have proven to be harmful for the body. Stay away!

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Well, this is quite debatable. Bread companies use artificial chemicals to make their bread fluffy and soft. These chemicals are known to cause cancer and other health diseases. When selecting a bread, opt for one which is free of potassium bromate.

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If you are prone to skin conditions and tempted to grab a bagel before you hop off for work then you might want to think twice. Bagels have a high, and we mean massively high, glycemic index that increases insulin and can lead to inflammations in the body. It is also known to accelerate ageing and worsen acne.

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Processed meats
By now you must have concurred that anything processed synthetically is a big no. Processed food items like meat fall in the same category. Processed meat can have up to 400% sodium and 50% more preservatives than unprocessed red meat. Even worse, some contain nitrates that are used to enhance color, promote taste and prevent spoilage but they are known carcinogens. Hence, it's best to avoid.

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Do you think we missed any food items you think aren't fit for human consumption? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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